Oklahoma's veteran senator discusses disagreements with Bush 

In case you're keeping track (and CFN is), you can add President George W. Bush to the list of politicians with whom Sen. James Inhofe disagrees. According to an interview with The Norman Transcript, the Tulsa Republican hasn't agreed with the commander in chief several times recently. And we're not talking about arguing with Bush about the challenges of "working hard to put food on your family."


Inhofe told former Oklahoma Gazette reporter Carol Cole-Frowe he was particularly perturbed when Bush said he would nix the Water Resources Development Act " or WRDA " authorizing $10 million for state water infrastructure projects.


"So, I announced on the Senate floor that if the president did his veto that I would lead the override effort " and I wasn't very complimentary about it," Inhofe said. "You hear a lot about earmarks " but this was an authorization bill. Each project would have to meet certain criteria."


Where else did their political "strategery" diverge? Well, Inhofe had fairly harsh words for the president's economic stimulus package. We expected an obligatory shout-out to "The Gipper," but a name-check to JFK?

"The stimulus bill was a fraud," Inhofe told the Transcript. "You stimulate the economy the way that John Kennedy did it " by lowering marginal rates, lowering capital gains. Same thing with (President Ronald) Reagan. He did it and Bush did it in '01."


Inhofe, famous for his manmade-global-warming-is-a-hoax stance, had choice words for the energy bill and its lack of, well, energy.


"The problem was " it didn't have any energy in it," Inhofe told the Transcript. "In terms of producing energy, it didn't have a lick in it. It didn't have a component for nuclear. It didn't have natural gas. It didn't have clean coal technology. Right now, we're dependent on coal for 53 percent of our energy.


"I'm not real happy with a lot of the products of the United States Senate."


While reading the wide-ranging Inhofe interview, CFN had déjà vu and remembered a recent Gazette Q-and-A with Sen. Tom Coburn, in which the Muskogee Republican criticized the Bush administration for its lack of vision and spending on the war. Different senator; same target.

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