Oklahoma's war on drugs takes a fowl turn 

A new epidemic is plaguing law enforcement. The war on drugs has taken a "fowl" turn, causing even the most experienced federal agents to crow in disbelief.


A recent raid of facilities in Oklahoma and Arkansas turned up more than illegal gambling activity. After several months of investigation, which included undercover operations, about 62 people were arrested on complaints of allegedly participating in cockfighting activities, according a story in the Southwest Times Record out of Fort Smith, Ark. A joint task force of federal, state and local officials performed the investigation and raid.


Officials said officers found an elaborate arena on a farm in Crawford County, Ark., that included stadium seating with rows of numbered blue and green chairs, an elevated press box, a scoreboard, a concession stand and a cockfighting pit.


It seems attending was just like going to a football game. But it gets worse ... much worse.


Among the items at the arena, police found syringes. Now, what would syringes be needed for at a cockfight?

Yes, your nightmare has come true: The roosters were cooked up on meth.


Marc McCune, prosecuting attorney for CrawfordCounty, told the Southwest Times Record that participants would increase their roosters' energy and chances of winning by injecting them with methamphetamine, strychnine or vitamins.


Oh, the shame. Oh, the humanity. It's not enough to force these birds into senseless mortal combat while Bubba and his buddies watch, Bud Lights in hand. No, they had to get their cocks higher than fans at a Kid Rock concert.


It's a never-ending battle. First we were fighting to get our children off drugs, now it's our feathered friends.


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