Paper Love and Puppy Love pulls at the heartstrings 

Love can be the invitation of an unmade bed, the ripples of text on canvas or the warmth in your dog's eyes. No matter what possesses the heart, the exhibit "Paper Love & Puppy Love" at JRB Art at The Elms has something visual to pull at its strings.

"Paper Love" features locals Carol Beesley, Martha Green, Keegan O'Keefe, George Oswalt, Michi Susan and Claudia Wylie, as well as Greg and Jenny Gummersall from Colorado. Jenny Gummersall's photography includes the "Horse Dream Series," which documents the journeys of her life through a plastic toy horse, and her "Home Series," which captures ordinary loveliness of objects, like a stack of tousled pillows.

"I am always aware of light and what's happening around me, and I'll stop and grab the camera if something really hits me," she said. "I might be doing dishes and something catches my eye about the way the bubbles are in the sink."

"Puppy Love" will also feature 3-D paintings by Atlanta artist Linda Mitchell. Her muses include dogs she photographed while volunteering at a rescue shelter and creatures molded from Play-Doh, which she paints to form human clothing and situations incorporating bits of found materials.

"I use symbolic imagery and animal figures to stand in for human experience," Mitchell said. "Animals don't really hide their emotions; there's a built-in sincerity."

In "Napoleon Rain," a bear dressed like the French leader has glass strands hanging over his head while streaks of watery paint slide behind him.

"Most of us aren't this tough person we try to be, but we put on this facade," she said. "He has a sweet face and then the uniform, going into beautiful pieces of nothing."

The exhibit opens with a 6-10 p.m. reception Friday and will show through Feb. 26 at the gallery, 2810 N. Walker. For more information, visit or call 528-6336. "?Allison Meier

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