Pastor Shepherd 

Based on an Internet character I've never heard of prior to seeing this comedy, "Pastor Shepherd" is like a "Saturday Night Live" character spin-off film, minus the TV institution's built-in pedigree. While it's not an "It's Pat"-level disaster, it's nowhere to close to "Wayne's World," either.

Or "Wayne's World 2."

You probably already get the picture that such a film would be better suited to a shorter, sketch format, like how it already exists on the web. Since Pastor Shepherd's cyberevangelist character's YouTube hits number in tens of thousands, not millions, it's likely no one was clamoring for an entire feature film.

The good pastor wasn't always a successful word-of-God spreader, as this origin tale, um, tells. He's a clueless, ever-smiling, middle-aged bundle of naïveté, who lives with his may-as-well-be-catatonic mother, who wiles away her medicated hours watching religious programming. Shepherd, meanwhile, is a salesman of freeze-dried pets, and he's not very good at it.

When he's fired, he drags his bathrobed mother to a road trip toward the End Times Revival Event. In tow is neighbor/love interest Annamarie-ah (cute, grounded Maria-Elena Laas) and her gruff father, Phil (Danny Trejo, doing Trejo). The movie's idea of a running gag is that Shepherd always assumes that Phil is speaking Spanish, when he's clearly speaking English.

I didn't laugh at "Pastor Shepherd," but the character " who can't stop looking like Chris Kattan " is mildly amusing. But only for a short amount of time. With a script lacking direction or real plot, he has nowhere to go but around the same couple of jokes.

The Texas-lensed indie is just there " neither painful nor pleasant. At least they tried. I mean, they got Danny Trejo. But to be fair, what won't Trejo do? "Rod Lott

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