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Theresa Hurt

But when the directors of the In Your Eye Studio and Gallery in the Paseo Arts District took a good hard look at these artists’ works, they knew Townley and Hurt were kindred spirits and the perfect pair for their latest exhibit, Complementary Colors.

“Complementary Colors is not necessarily a collaboration between Theresa and me, because we don’t even know each other, but the idea was derived from just the colors of the artwork we produce,” Townley said.

“It is a colorful collection of paintings that I have done that are really bright and abstract, and then you have these bold glass pieces created by Nicki,” Hurt elaborated. “Together, we use the same types of colors that are complementary to each other, with the paintings reflecting the glass and the glass reflecting the paintings.”

Complementary Colors opens to the public with a special First Friday reception 6 p.m. October 4 at In Your Eye Gallery, 3005-A Paseo Drive. The exhibit runs through Oct. 26. Hunt said that, as a newer artist, it’s a great opportunity to be a part of an exhibit like this, especially as part of the Paseo District’s First Friday event.

Townley, now retired, and Hunt, who works as a creative consultant at Pirate’s Alley, have long dabbled in their respective arts, but it has only been in the past five years where they have each gone into it professionally. Both artists, however, were honored when In Your Eye asked them to be part of the exhibit, especially Hunt, a breast cancer survivor, when learning the show would help to benefit other women who are going through the same ordeal she did.

“The gallery had asked me to show my artwork during October because some of the proceeds were going to breast cancer research, and I had just finished my treatment for breast
cancer,” Hunt said. “So when they needed another artist, it was very
fortunate that I was available, and it was just kind of luck of the
draw. I get to showcase my art and help out this extremely important

Townley, on the other hand, is happy to use Complementary Colors as
a learning experience to not only further her own art, but to explore
and understand the deeper meaning behind it. It’s something she wants
patrons to explore with her.

hope that they will get a very good visual experience,” Townley said.
“Artists are their own worst critics. It’s a fun thing for me, and it
makes me feel good. I hope it makes other people feel good. It makes my
world light up when I see someone looking at my art and they say, ‘This
is really nice.’ That makes me feel like I’m on the right track.”

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