Pig Hunt 

There's a scene in 1986's "Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives" in which Jason Voorhees dispatches a few paintballers in the woods. It's one of the best examples of humor in that entire franchise. So is 2001's "Jason X."

Well, "Jason X" director James Isaac must've paid attention to "Jason Lives," because in "Pig Hunt," he's taken that scene, replaced those guns with hunting rifles, and Jason with a giant boar, and expanded it into an entire feature. But what's fun for a couple minutes is rather trying at nearly two hours, no matter how competently shot and outrageously gory.

"Pig Hunt" (a god-awful name, that) boils down to a group of guys " the fat one, the black one, the douchey one, etc. " and one girl (who's more manly than any of them) heading to a family ranch for a weekend of hunting wild pigs, because there wasn't a football game scheduled, apparently. Or maybe all the bars were closed. Whatever the reason, they find the place after a convenience store clerk draws a map on a nudie-mag centerfold (as if he'd ever give up such goods).

Anyway, the ranch is located in a remote area where the baked locals look like rejects from "Deliverance," and it all goes downhill from there. After too many minutes of stalking silently through the brush, we finally get some crossbow action and whatnot, but tensions rise to the point where pals turn against each other, and one guy comes across a wading pool full of naked women, and then there's a chase that turns into a demolition derby briefly, and it all leads to a showdown with a 2,000-pound pig with big-ass tusks and pustule-covered skin.

And then, naturally, it ends with a quote from George Orwell.

So, yes, it's really all over the place, which at least keeps you wondering, "Just where the hell is this going?" but then disappoints you once it gets there. It's like a past-its-prime "Wrong Turn" entry meets the other white meat, but you're Jewish, and that ain't kosher. "Rod Lott

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