Police capture alleged OKC Downtown YMCA burglar 

A woman recently nabbed on "America's Most Wanted," allegedly implicated in local burglaries, was revealed in a personals ad to have love on her mind while spending time in the hoosegow, according to the "AMW" Web site.


Police arrested the woman, identified as Lizzette Garvin, 38, in Indianapolis last week, less than 24 hours after "AMW" aired a show about her alleged nationwide, years-long crime spree, according to the site.


In Oklahoma City in February, police identified the suspect in the 2006 burglary of both the Edward L. Gaylord Downtown YMCA and Aspen Athletic Club in Penn Square Mall. The incidents included seven victims who had their purses stolen, including their bank and credit cards, cell phones, keys, identification, jewelry and other items, from the locker rooms. The thief then called in, and posing as a police dispatcher, finagled some of the victims' personal identification numbers too, resulting in their bank accounts getting cleaned out.


Well, once a harmonic convergence of local, state and federal authorities nabbed the woman, the details came to light.


According to the show's Web site, by her own admittance, Garvin appears to have operated as a thief/con artist for more than 20 years, traveling around the country, allegedly ripping off and scamming people.


She also was revealed to have done time in a Pennsylvania pokey for a number of crimes when the calaboose chick penned an online singles ad at a Web site while in jail, per "AMW." According to her ad, she was doing "11/2-3" for credit card fraud and burglary. Her ad, posted on the "AMW" site " and which has not been corrected for grammar or style, here " stated she didn't mind conning both ways:

"I'm very open minded, every man's fantasy and every woman's dream, so lady's and gentlemen don't be shy I will reply." The ad also said, "Race, sex, weight, color or age is unimportant, what matters is that your: funny, honest, caring "¦ 'OH,' did I mention 'Honest'? That is very important." In an interview she granted to "AMW" after being caught, Garvin admitted it's possible she stole millions from victims throughout her career. She said she started very young. "I probably started stealing nickels, dimes and pennies out of "¦ purses when I was 6 or 7 years old," she told the "AMW" interviewer. "My parents tried to get me help and tried to get me therapy. I went to therapy one time and I stole the therapist's wallet."

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