Reader likes statewide calling plan 

Look at the facts, and you will be in favor of the statewide calling plan.

AT&T and other big cell phone companies are against it. The cell phone companies and the VOIP phone companies already use the landline networks without paying their fair part of the transport line cost.

People in urban areas that have an extended calling area do not remember when it cost to call the nearby town " Edmond to OKC, etc. There are more than two million people in the four Wide Area Calling Plan areas that enjoy local calling. How is this not good for the rest of the citizens in the state?

The current estimated cost is $3.19 per assessable telephone number and is assessed to the carrier " not directly to the customer. All companies will be affected differently and some will even be able to save money without passing on these charges to their customers. Any increase greater than $2 per month would require approval by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which is a long process.

The statewide calling plan is good for the general public. People in rural communities will be able to call friends and family throughout the state without the fear of outrageous long-distance bills.

It's business-friendly. It will be a great benefit when trying to recruit new industry to relocate to Oklahoma. Businesses in Tulsa for example, would be able to open branches in Oklahoma City, Ardmore and Altus without having to worry about the added expense the long distance would cause.

I have several clients in the communication field, from telephone companies that offer traditional phone service to wireless Internet and cablevision companies that offer VOIP telephones. I also represent multiple local cellular telephone companies. All look at this from different perspectives, but they all agree that this would be a great step for all citizens and businesses in Oklahoma.

"Bob Moore

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