Reader response: Law banning gay marriage is overturned 

The drama that unfolded for Oklahoma Gazette readers over the past week across the state also unfolded in real-time across OKG social media platforms. A record number of readers sounded off, largely in support of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the circuit court's ruling that the 2004 law that made same-sex unions illegal was unconstitutional.

READ MORE: As the news unfolded: • NEWS: Marriage equality was a long road of victories. • NEWS: Challenges expected as new marriage law becomes reality. • NEWS: Same-sex marriage now legal in Oklahoma. • BREAKING: Same-sex marriage nears reality in Oklahoma following Supreme Court move.

Tom Steele: The Civil War determined 150 years ago that human rights outweigh state's rights.

Brad Holt: One of the primary purposes of the Supreme Court is to protect the rights of the minority from the majority's rule. Nothing democratic about that, but it is quintessentially AMERICAN!

Larry Farnsworth: Forget about the states rights!what about the peoples rights?somebody please explain to why it matters if gay people get married? It doesn't effect you.

Mark Mills: "Violation of states' rights" was often evoked by southern states in defense of segregation.

Kit Compton: I didn't hear her (Gov. Fallin) complaining when they ruled in favor of hobby lobby. I guess it's only okay when they agree with her.

Amy Melvin: I'm sorry to report that the desanctification of marriage was done by us straight people decades ago. Back to your castle grayskull, Ginger Skeletor!

Jonathan Keepers: Equal protection under the law. It means what it says.

Theresa Nicoletto: Go ACLU and Ryan Kiesel! Thank you for the work y'all do!!

Ron Bobo: Well alright, can we move on now. Cynthia Campbell Which of my Oklahoma friends will be the first to say "I do?" Nekishea Burkhalter Gods word does not change and will prevail.

Chad Willingham: I get a kick out of people who say "I love you LGBT people but I disapprove of you being married to who love and enjoying same rights as me". You don't love us that much then.

Austin Hunt: God hated fags, but apparently the state of Oklahoma doesn't lmao

Nekishea Burkhalter: This is the beginning of sorrows.

Reply: Johnny Bates: I supposed it COULD be the beginning of sorrows. Divorce can be quite sorrowful. Here's to hoping this yields more joyful marriages than sorrowful divorces.

Reply: Nekishea Burkhalter: And speaking Truth isnt judging. Im not God...just an Ambassador.

Melissa Fuller: Natural marriage? As opposed to...supernatural? In this case, I totally agree... Ghosts should NOT marry. Really, that's just silly.


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