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I am writing to support Gwen Harrison's letter ("Stop tolerating injustice"), which advocates America should stop supporting Israel until they quit illegal occupation and outright confiscation of Palestinian land.

I began to agree with the Arab view that the creation of Israel was unjust when I learned that the non-Jewish Palestinians had been an approximately 95 percent majority in Palestine for nearly 2,000 years before the Jewish homeland was created by the British after World War I. Also, the 5 percent indigenous Palestinian Jews actually opposed the idea of a secular Jewish state on religious grounds. It was a European idea. These facts are vital for a clear understanding of the Arab/Israeli conflict, but most Americans don't seem to be aware of them.

Supporters of Israel like to point out that the emphasis on Palestinian identity is a recent phenomenon. This is true, and it is also beside the point.  For more than a millennium, Palestine had been an integral part of the Arab world. If the descendants of a tribal kingdom based in Oklahoma 2,000 years ago tried to take back the state by force, would not all Americans resist them? The Arabs felt the same about Palestine. The Palestinian identity is a result of the fact that England reneged on its promise to the Arabs after WWI to support them in creating the united Arab country they desired.

The big majority of Palestinians and all the Arab states have signed on to the Beirut Declaration calling for peace with Israel if it will withdraw to the 1967 borders, leave East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state and do something for the refugees.

The U.S. should get Israel to accept this generous Palestinian offer that gives up 75 percent of their ancient homeland. The obvious place to start is to quit giving them $3 billion a year, military equipment and lone vetoes at the U.N.

"Chris Reiger
Oklahoma City

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