Ready to say sayonara to the Tamagotchi? Dump it at this OKC recycling event 

What do you do with the iPhone 3GS after you buy the iPhone 4?

Or the LCD TV when you buy the LED version? Or the bulky iPod when you buy the Nano?

For most people, it's as easy as throwing the outdated device in the closet to collect dust along with the starved Tamagotchi and Sony Walkman.

But there's a better option " eCycling " and metro residents will be able to drop off their obsolete electronics at the City of Oklahoma City's event from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at State Fair Park free of charge. The event is co-sponsored by Waste Management, which will have crews on hand to handle the electronics, and LG Electronics.

OKC held the event a little more than two years ago. Debbie Ragan, the city's utilities department spokeswoman, said residents have been requesting another drop-off event ever since. Waste Management offered to hold the event for the city again, which is good considering how much new technology has come out in the past two years.

"Anymore, technology becomes obsolete pretty quickly," Ragan said. "Most households have a drawer of old cell phones. This event just makes it easy and convenient to get rid of those used electronics in a responsible manner."

Ragan said that the city will usually collect old electronics if left out by the garbage each week, and that numerous stores offer to recycle things like cell phones and smaller electronics, but that the eCycling event sidesteps the hazards that come along with those processes.

Of course, just throwing old electronics away sounds like the easiest thing to do, but there are dangers in doing so, and numerous benefits arise from recycled electronics.

Most products are made with useful materials like glass, metal and plastic that can all be reused in manufacturing new products. Products that are in good condition can even be refurbished and used again.

Reusing these materials also cuts down on the energy cost of extracting new materials from the earth and minimizes the amount of hazardous waste, especially depending on the product at hand, in landfills.

The eCycle crews will even lift the old electronics from your car without you having to raise a finger.

"The workers will be on hand to do all the work for the residents, so they won't even have to leave the comfort of the air conditioning," Ragan said. "Joshua Boydston | Photo/Mark Hancock

Acceptable items for eCycling:
Computers-CPUs Computer monitors Computer peripherals Printers Fax machines Keyboards Photocopiers Televisions VCRs Stereos Home and office phones Cell phones Consumer electronics Unacceptable items for eCycling:
Microwaves Smoke alarms and detectors Fire alarms and detectors Thermometers Dehumidifiers Large appliances Non-decontaminated medical equipment Any unit with sludge or liquids

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