Resourceful Oklahoma man attempts to creatively hide his stash 

Police arrested an Allen man recently who ended up getting caught in somewhat of a clincher.


According to the Ada Evening News, police stopped two individuals at 2 a.m. on a recent Tuesday for an alleged expired tag along with heavy exhaust fumes " at least it looked like exhaust " from the vehicle's muffler.


Anyway, as the man looked for his driver's license and verification, an officer spotted on his lap a bag that appeared to contain a white crystal substance, according to the story.


Apparently being the curious type, the officer snatched the bag from the man's lap, placed it atop the vehicle and asked him to step out of the car, the Evening News reported. Meanwhile, another officer arrived to assist.


Police allege the man grabbed the bag upon exiting and began throwing the white crystalline substance onto the roadway, even reportedly getting some of the contents into the mouth and eyes of the officer who'd arrived to help.


After apparently dealing with that, the officers noted that the man smelled strongly of marijuana, the paper reported, and officers determined to search his vehicle.


A search of the car turned up a used syringe, brass knuckles and a Roman candle. A search of the man revealed him to have cigarette rolling papers in his shoe, the story reported.


However, it continued, the officers took the man into custody and had him change into the ol' orange jumpsuit for some pending jail time.


Now, officers reported that the man held the back of the jumpsuit and was "walking funny." When asked about it, the man denied he had any problem, but, the story said, then the officers strip-searched the man and allegedly discovered a "large" bag of what was believed to be cannabis crammed betwixt his buttocks.


What we at Chicken-Fried News wonder is, how large was it?


According to the story, the man was charged with "suspicion of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with an intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, assault and battery, attempt to bring contraband in jail, destroying evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia and other charges."

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