Sad state of affairs' 

Harry Mitchell (Letters, "Taking a step back," Oct. 21, 2009, Gazette) is so typical of the sad state of affairs he decries. He is some kind of Frosty Troy wannabe, who with one side of his mouth rails about compassion for the downtrodden and with the other side vilifies anyone who is even one degree away from his set-in-concrete views. This is the stock-in-trade of the Democratic Party today, a party to which I have belonged, and will belong, always. That, Harry, is the real sad state of affairs.

Why is it, Harry (and Dr. Kenneth F. Wainner, whose missive "Control the parasites" follows his), that I am unable to question the efficacy of anything the current versions of the health care reform legislation currently swimming the halls of Congress without being labeled (take your pick) knuckle-dragging, heartless, fascist and most galling, racist? Why should I not wonder how at least 25 million people can be suddenly plugged into our current health care apparatus, with no increase in doctors to serve them, without suffering a decline in the quality of care everyone says is the goal? And why am I unable to ask how the hell the country will be able to pay for this undertaking without becoming a Banana Republic? This is, after all, President Obama's pledge " not one dime added to the deficit.

No, it's impossible to have a frank and productive discussion about such questions with you because I am a segregationist, racist, heartless and on and on. I must fall in line, get on board, and come in for the big win (a phrase often used by the intelligentsia in the Vietnam era). Trust the government " they know what's best, they can pull this off if they can just get those pesky dissenters out of the mix! 

I, and most others questioning the current track health care reform is on, view access to health care services for all as a noble thing this country should strive for. But when our elected servants in Congress can't be bothered to read the very legislation they intend to impose on us all, I get a little skeptical. When individuals such as you and Dr. Wainner treat my legitimate questions with contempt and sneering remarks, all attempts at true consensus fall away. The vitriol comes from the left as well as the right, but I suspect you are too busy admiring your own brilliance in the mirror to notice. But I guess I'm stupid for even posting this reply, right?

"Lee Lamirand, Norman

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