Scooters, classic motorbikes gather for fund-raiser at IAO Gallery 

In the summer of 1964, suit-wearing, scooter-driving mods clashed with leather-clad, motorcycle-riding rockers in a series of brawls along the English coastline. Now, 45 years later, the two sides meet again.

The Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery could possibly reignite this turbulent rivalry with the "Rally on the Alley," which will draw both the mod and rocker cultures together as scooters and vintage motorcycles roar into Automobile Alley on Saturday.

"I've just got to remember to fill my backpack full of tear gas and bring one of those shotguns that shoots the hacky sacks," organizer Jerrod Smith said.

"Rally on the Alley" debuted last year, but was exclusive to scooters. Smith took the reins of this year's event, and because he owns both a Vespa scooter and a vintage BMW cycle, he decided to target both crowds and their subcultures.

"The mods were clean-cut, didn't want to get dirty, white-collar, Vespa riders," Smith said. "The rockers were greasers who were chopping up their bikes after they got home from the war and emulating the bikes they saw while in Europe. I love all of that stuff."

The scooter/bike culture is getting a boost by the economy, he said. Thanks to high gas prices, fuel-efficient options are enjoying a boon time in the metro. "Rally on the Alley" was designed to encourage that scene, all while serving as a fund-raiser for IAO. The big draw will be the donated 2009 Vespa S-150, which will be raffled off. Tickets are $5, and the price on the scooter is more than $4,000.

"The scooter raffle is really the big selling point for this," Smith said. "It's beautiful. If someone wants to get started with scooters, this is a great one to start on."

According to Smith, "Rally on the Alley" is a three-pronged event: a rally; an art show; and a concert, featuring Eutopian Accident, Secret Sons and The Workweek.

"We want artwork to be the focus, both the artwork that will be hanging on the walls, but also the art of the vintage motorcycles and scooters that will be featured inside," he said.

Smith added that organizers expect a diverse crowd expect to roll in.

"The rally is meant for scooters and vintage motorcycles, so something built during or before the '70s, maybe '80s, bikes that have that nostalgic feel," he said. "We're not going to really exclude anyone, though, so if someone rolls up in a 2010 Harley, revving their engine, cool."

Rally on the Alley takes place from 7-11 p.m. Saturday at Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery, 811 N. Broadway. "Charles Martin

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