'Separating families is not the solution' 

Regarding "Political Russian roulette" by Carlos J. Toledo (Commentary, Sept. 15, Gazette):

This country was built and is still being built by immigrants from all over the world. Everybody has contributed to the growth and success of the United States.

From the time Christopher Columbus landed in America in 1492 followed by France, England, Italy and Spanish conquistadors, all we had seen is a diversity of cultures that have learned how to live together.

Last month, we celebrated 223 years anniversary of the Constitution. All you could see in the ceremony were people from every culture you can imagine. In our Arlington National Cemetery are buried thousands of soldiers from different backgrounds and cultures that fought proudly defending our freedom.

At this moment, we have a Republican representative of the south-side of Oklahoma City, Mike Christian, and Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, trying to pass a law that any child born from illegal immigrants in Oklahoma would not be granted birth certification (citizenship).

I wonder if Christian or Terrill can prove that their ancestors were American and had the legal documentation, when we all came from all over the world following a dream. This law is an attack " not just to Mexicans, but to all cultures.

We all know we need to work on our borders: Arrest the so-called "coyotes." Fine companies that hire illegal immigrants with the intention of saving money and mistreating them, taking advantage of them and not paying them. We can work together finding a solution to this problem, but denying birth certificates or separating families is not the solution.

"Norma Illescas
Oklahoma City

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