Sewer Chewer and eight other campy horror films screen this weekend at Reel Renegades Horrorfest 

Reel Renegades Horrorfest
4:30 Friday-Saturday
The Hidden Castle
1309 24th S.W., Norman
$10 on Friday, $5 on Saturday.

He's known as Zakk Flash, and he can't wait to see his girlfriend decapitated.

After all, she is one of the stars of "Sewer Chewer," James Hawley's campy, locally filmed B horror movie that's screening this weekend at the Reel Renegades Horrorfest.

"She has a pretty gruesome death," he said.

Flash organized the music and movies for the festival, which is hosted by the Hidden Castle, 1309 24th S.W. in Norman. He said he has always enjoyed watching horror movies and caught the bug for them at an early age.

"I think the first horror movie I saw was 'Redneck Zombies,' and it was absolutely awful," he said. "It was a really bad movie, but I loved it. It was campy, and it wasn't really scary, because it was funny."

The festival starts 4:30 p.m. Friday and kicks off with performances by bands that supplied the movies' soundtracks, including Billy Joe Winghead, Shark Reppelant and Captain Eyeball.

Also, there will be blood at a workshop by Tulsa's Stirling FX, where effects gurus will teach festivalgoers about the art of making horror-movie magic.

Nine films will be screened on Saturday, including "Frankenpimp," Kevin Strange's "CockHammer" and Cory J. Udler's "Incest Death Squad."

"Oklahoma is building a pretty big horror following," Flash said. "We are really excited about that."

He noted that the festival will be fun, even if attendees aren't as crazy about blood and guts as he is.

"Cheap beer, cheap food, comfy seating," he said. "We are going to be rocking out all day and all night."

Admission is $10 on Friday, $5 on Saturday. For more information, call 701-0870 or visit "Adam Kemp

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