'Shame on the Gazette' 

Sick of it? Yes, I am sick of it! I was really 'sick'ened to see the Gazette stoop to the lowest levels of playing politics.

Why? Because by publishing the "Sick of it" letter (J. Simms, June 30), you further divided the people of our state. That was the most nonsensical and offensive commentary I have ever read in your paper, and it just so happens to encompass the stereotype of what the majority of the people on the liberal left think goes through the minds of the people on the conservative right.

If your goal was to galvanize the liberal sects of your readership against all people who may disagree with them on some issues by publishing an unintelligent, hate-mongering piece by someone who they probably assume is representative of conservatives, then you probably succeeded.

However, the vast majority of conservatives and Republicans I know would vehemently disagree with J. Simms' positions as stated in his letter you chose to publish.

But by using your editorial power to choose to publish a ranting, hateful letter that so happened to have opinions of what liberals believe to be the oversimplified perspectives of conservatives on issues such as gay marriage " and then subsequently publishing three (and counting) well-written and thoughtful counter opinion pieces " you managed to make it look like everyone who disagrees on this topic is an angry bigot.

Publishing one radical letter just to stir up emotion and support for the other side ... come on, Gazette, you are better than this age-old game of using one fringe viewpoint to anger the other side to drum up support for a controversial issue.

"Jay W. Wright
Oklahoma City

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