Shock and schadenfreude 

My first emotion was how impressed and amazed I was at how he endeavored to twist the meaning of a photograph that was mostly dark as an adequate portrayal of what he deems a dark lifestyle (homosexuality).

I am dumbfounded by his inability to address the artistic sensibility that the photo he was referencing was specifically darkened or intentionally shot in darkness to accommodate the white text it ultimately contained.

Shock inevitably followed as he made the statement, “Even in areas of the globe where people are ignorant of the Ten Commandments, chickens are stolen at night. People know right from wrong in their souls and seek the wrong when it can’t be witnessed.”

I’m shocked not because of the latter portion of his statement, but rather his presumption that those who have a knowledge of the Bible aren’t capable of doing wrong when it can’t be witnessed.

Did he just shut down the section of his brain that connects logic with memory processing to ignore the many sex abuses of the church? What of the police (mentioned in “From closet to community”) who allegedly verbally and physically abused homosexuals in lieu of a witness? I suppose no Bible-loving Christians ever went home and beat their spouse or children either?

My last emotion is schadenfreude.

Because, despite empirical evidence in the New Testament that judging others is tantamount to judging ourselves, Furlong woefully trudges on in an attempt to bolster his own ego. In doing so, he proves the exact oppo site of his “I’m holier than thou” message, and that Christians are often their own worst enemy.

For the record, the irony of that last statement is not lost on me. That is why I quit professing to be “Christian” years ago. The difference between me and Furlong is that I actually stopped pretending to be something I’m not.

—Brandon Wertz
Oklahoma City

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