Speaking for the silent majority 

Thank you, Chris Smith (Commentary, "Enough with the MAPS bashing," March 10, 2010, Gazette). You said what a lot of us in the silent majority only say with our vote.

I agree with you that MAPS is a reward for those of us who stayed and made our lives in Oklahoma. I always assumed that when I retired I would move elsewhere. But with the changes from MAPS and the Thunder in Oklahoma City, it is a place to stay and enjoy.

I still can't figure out why the police and fire department unions opposed MAPS 3 so strongly. I had never experienced anything negative with these two terrific organizations and have been proud of their work and dedication. As far as I know, the citizens of this community have never turned down any vote related to these two departments.

I still don't know why they think we wouldn't support a vote to help them now or in the future. Did they think we wouldn't vote to support a bond for them or to help them in some way?
Or did they think that MAPS 3 would use up any goodwill the public might have for taxes and not pass something for them later? Whatever their reason, I believe it did nothing but cause a negative feeling that was never there before.

I think there are a lot of us out here still confused as to what went on and what we should do in the future.

But there is no confusion when it comes to MAPS. It is a shining example for this community and the excitement that comes from it continues to grow. The one thing that really brings this home is when I read letters to the editor about how "we" need to vote for MAPS and "we" should continue to support it and these "we" letters are signed by people from Bethany and Norman and other communities nearby who can't vote. It is truly a large community sense of pride and one I am happy to share.

"Bill Moore
Oklahoma City

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