Cities’ equality

Oklahoma’s average Municipal Equality Index ranking is 32, about half of the national average.
Norman earned Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s distinction as an “All Star” city for advancing LGBTQ+ equality without relying on state law.

Holy resistance

Mosaic United Methodist Church intends to resist punitive rules that target LGBTQ+ individuals.
A local Methodist church is calling 2020 a period of “holy resistance.” New rules that punish clergy for consecrating, ordaining or marrying “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” were adopted in early 2019 and go into effect at the start of the new year.

District days

Rep. Kendra Horn spent several days this month meeting with constituents in her district and discussing big issues.
Rep. Kendra Horn spent her district work period in Oklahoma attending various events and hosting gatherings with constituents.

Abortion access

Attorneys and advocates continue fighting for reproductive rights.
Proposed legislation in 2012 that would have granted a fertilized egg the same rights as a person mobilized Danielle Williams to join the fight for reproductive justice.

Primate aid

A local animal rights activist advocates for better treatment of primates and other wild animals.
Bob Ingersoll has rescued primates from bad conditions and looming executions to place them in sanctuaries, but his dream is for those very sanctuaries to go out of business.

Freedom fighters

After one of its best years, Freedom Oklahoma readies to ramp up its advocacy for the state’s LGBTQ+ community.
Freedom Oklahoma aims to build off a successful year for Oklahoma’s LGBTQ+ community by focusing more on diverse sects of the community and advocating for more issues.

Powerful women

Following one of its most successful years, a local nonprofit continues recruiting and training progressive women to run for office.
Before flipping Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional district, Kendra Horn served as executive director of Sally’s List.

Costly justice

The closure of a local hearing site along with a record-breaking backlog of cases make court proceedings costly and slow.
Carlos came to the United States from Chihuahua, Mexico, about 35 years ago. An undocumented immigrant, Carlos has lived in New Mexico, Kansas and most recently Oklahoma with his family in pursuit of the American Dream.

Shots fired

The debate over permitless carry laws in Oklahoma continues.
In the past decade, the increasing frequency of high-profile shootings at schools and churches have made the right to own and carry a gun the subject of intense debate not only at the federal level but in state legislatures as well.

Poppy planting

While Oklahoma’s trial against opioid manufacturers continues, the history of the drugs’ promotion and marketing is getting a fresh look.
Poppy flowers, the plants used to make opium, became an agricultural product nearly 8,000 years ago, and the practice of using them to achieve an altered state of consciousness is nearly as old.

Bitter pills

Arguments heat up in Oklahoma’s case against opioid manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals.
The first trial of a pharmaceutical company related to the opioid epidemic began May 28 at the Cleveland County Courthouse in Norman. The lawsuit, brought by Oklahoma attorney general Mike Hunter, will attempt to hold Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, accountable for the high number of overdose fatalities in the state of Oklahoma in the past two decades.

Factchecking Oklahoma: What caused the migrant children crisis?

Back in 2014, the Obama administration housed 2,000 unaccompanied migrant children in Fort Sill, an Army base near Lawton, Oklahoma.

Retroactive law

A new law provides commutation for hundreds of incarcerated Oklahomans with the ability to expunge felonies from their records.
Nearly a thousand Oklahomans will be released from prison early — potentially in time for the holidays.


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