Stillwater company presents Oklahoma contest in 3D 

You don't have $400 to buy nosebleed seats from a ticket broker for Thursday's BCS Championship Game? For about 20 clams, you can watch Oklahoma play Florida in 3D thanks to a live broadcast presented by the 3ality Digital company.

Where, you might ask? Central Oklahoma football fans will have to travel northeast to Stillwater to view the 3D broadcast at the Carmike 10 movie theater, 1909 N. Perkins Road.

Uh, did 3ality Digital realize that T. Boone Pickens' home-away-from-home also serves as headquarters of OU's archrival?

"Yes, I know," Angela Gyetvan, vice president of marketing and sales of 3ality Digital. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

Chicken-Fried News wonders: How the heck does this 3D broadcast work?

"The company's proprietary stereoscopic 3D image capture and processing technology makes it possible for 3ality Digital to shoot the game, as well as provide edits, transitions and graphics," according to a 3ality press release. "The images are then multiplexed for transmission using current 2D infrastructure, which includes the use of regular broadcast trucks. 3ality Digital's technology is designed to augment the capabilities of current production, post-production and broadcast teams, rather than replace them, and is applicable to digital filmmaking, as well as live and scripted television production and broadcast."

That's all fine and dandy, but what can we expect from all that technical mumbo jumbo? Well, the BCS game will follow the premier 3D NFL broadcast. During that test-run on Dec. 4, 2008 " the San Diego Chargers' 34-7 shellacking of the Oakland Raiders " Gyetvan said the visceral experience gave NFL execs a newfound understanding of the game.

"We do a lot of low camera placements, so you feel like you're right on the field," she said.

"The cheerleaders were excessively popular as well."

Sold. But is Stillwater really the only place to take a gander?

"We have a few theaters in Texas also," Gyetvan said.

Although ticket prices are set at each of the roughly 80 theaters scheduled to show the game, Gyetvan said the fee should hover around $20.

CFN intern Bucky is already strapping on the crimson and cream, but he can't decide if he's hitchhiking to Stillwater or voyaging south of the Red River to watch the big game. Either way, he'll be petitioning the ticket taker to bring back "Jaws 3D" for his viewing pleasure.

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