Suburban sushi 

Edmond is home to numerous sushi bars that offer two essential things: friendly, knowledgeable staff and fresh, vibrant food to make dining a delightful adventure.

The Sushi Bar, 1201 N.W. 178th in Edmond, serves up fresh and cooked sushi, as well as entrees, appetizers and a sizable list of wine, sake and beer from both Asia and North America.

With a menu as diverse as this, it might be difficult to decide just what to order. But server Todd Hannagan suggested the sashimi carpaccio ($15), which he said “is as fresh as it gets.”

If you are new to sushi and looking for something a little less fishy, try a bento box ($9) featuring miso soup, salad and your choice of meat.

Another must-have is the tempura soft-shell crab ($9), which arrives perfectly crisp and with a generous drizzle of sesame dressing.

It’s the perfect starter for its most-requested sushi roll: the Captain Crunch ($9), tempura shrimp, crab stick, cucumber and avocado, then topped with crunchy tempura flakes and a sweet sauce.

If the aim is for more traditional sushi, check out the comfortable dining room at Fuji Japanese Restaurant, 2805 S. Broadway. You’ll be treated to a classic sushi experience, complete with warm towels and a straightforward menu of both Japanese mainstays and more creative dishes.

To start, try the octopus salad ($4.95), a tangy treat that’s adventurous in both flavor and texture, yet retains consistent Asian flavors (namely sesame and ginger) that one expects in the cuisine.

For the main course, consider its large array of both fresh and cooked sushi rolls, or titillate your taste buds with exceptionally fresh salmon and tuna sashimi ($9.50).

The Marilyn Monroll ($9.25) offers a completely unique flavor, a satisfying blend of crunch, tenderness and subtle savory flavors.

Sometimes fast casual is the only way to go. Head to Cafe de Taipei, 603 S. Broadway. Here you’ll find a surprising selection of creative, homemade sushi as well as a fully customizable bubble tea menu.

Don’t miss the fried tofu ($3.95) for starters. It’s a hot, crispy, creamy and savory dish that will confound and delight. A little of this incredibly decadent appetizer goes a long way.

For a spicy kick and a mouthful of flavor, order the Pacific Roll ($6.50). Its zesty Japanese mayo will clear the sinuses but follows up with an almost sweet creaminess and will leave mouth and belly more than satisfied.

Also make sure to sample its signature roll, the Taipei Roll ($10.95), which features an amalgam of flavors including spicy sauce, tender baked crawfish and fresh green onions. It’s then topped with fried calamari.

These unique combinations of flavors and textures have made Taipei a “really good place for college kids — a great place to study because it’s open late [until 1 a.m. most days],” according to frequent customer Risa Voss.

Even those who never have eaten sushi before can find something to love.

“I was a sushi virgin,” said new-found devotee Autumn Rose. “I’m in love now.”

If these Edmond eateries are any indication, sushi just might earn its place as Oklahoma must-have fare one day.

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