Many are part of the Oklahoma Film & Music Office’s Buffalo Lounge showcase; some even answered this question for us: What are your goals and expectations for the event?

The Pretty Black Chains
second SXSW appearance
“Just to do what we do: Generate some buzz, play some shows, expose people to our newer sound we have now (it’s changed a lot since we last played there), etc. We are very confident with what we’ve got going now. It’s a fun week, and I’m sure we’ll spend some quality time with the other Oklahoma bands, see some shows and meet some people as well.”

Kite Flying Robot
first SXSW appearance
“We’re looking forward to supporting our fellow Oklahoma musicians and artists. There are so many incredible unique Okie acts traveling to SXSW that I hope get good exposure and prove Oklahoma has a stellar and cutting-edge music scene. We also hope to visit our favorite taco spots, score some good free Austin beer, have a hell of a lot of fun and not go insane while looking for parking.”

The Boom Bang
second SXSW appearance
“To see how many Vulcan ice cream shops and Vulcan toy stores we can hit. We expect to eat a lot of Vulcan ice cream and explore many Vulcan toy stores in the SXSW stardate 2011.”

Colourmusic fifth SXSW appearance
“To promote the hell out our evil new album, ‘My _____ Is Pink.’ We aim to destroy.”

Ryan Lawson
first SXSW appearance

“Mostly, I expect to have a good time. I hope to establish myself a little more with the Oklahoma folks who will be at the showcase. And I’m looking forward to being heard by some new ears.

I’m looking forward to spreading the word about what Oklahoma has going on within its borders when it comes to music. Getting a communicative net work between the Austin music folks and the Oklahomans I play along with and love is what I expect to accomplish.”

first SXSW appearance

“We just want to play well at our show for the Buffalo Lounge and make sure we get to play a couple parties. We want to represent Oklahoma! We really just want to meet new bands/people. As long as we all make it back at the end of the week with all of our equipment, we’ll be happy.”

Scarlitt Redemption
first SXSW appearance

“Our main goal is to burst onto the scene and get our message some exposure through our music. And of course, we are looking forward to meeting new people, making new fans and enjoying the whole experience of it all.”

John Fullbright
second SXSW appearance
“Since I didn’t get an official showcase last year or this year, I go down just to do the free stuff, really. I have no expectations, except to have fun and see friends and play music.”

third SXSW appearance

“I hope to meet more artists like myself, who are coming up. I also want to get my music to new people and meet friends of mine that I’ve never met in person or some that I’ve met on the road and haven’t seen in a while.”

first SXSW appearance
“Our intentions are to be in the moment, because we don’t know what to expect. We want to meet up with bands.”

Emory Grey
first SXSW appearance
“To get the word out about the new album, ‘Flannel,’ being released this spring!”

the SKYS
first SXSW appearance

“We hope to network with music industry professionals, and connect with others in the business to learn ways that we can move our music forward in this everchanging entertainment business.”

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