Taking sides on abortion 

A Commentary in the Feb. 10 Gazette by Scott Jones suggested a "weakness" of position on the part of the pro-life movement. An interesting theory with very interesting timing considering the militant demonstration debacle by the pro-choice movement over the Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow and his mother. The ad clearly displayed the "witness to a way of life, rather than trying to impose" philosophy proposed by Tripp York.

Yet leaders of the other side definitively suggested that the ad should have been censored. This view certainly was in contrast with the "freedom" part of choice and displayed an urgent desire to "impose" their will. The current leader of the National Organization for Women even went as far as to say the ad promoted violence against women. What an incredible grasp for straws. Is Jones sure he wants to continue with the who's weak and who's not argument?

I'm certainly not writing this to defend the current Republican state leadership, but the fact is that the vast majority of most Christians are of the persuasion York was emphasizing. Yes, a small group is militantly pro-life, and yes, the Oklahoma legislation does seem to be catering to them. This among other circuses they've created will probably guarantee they lose the majority.
But wasn't it the pro-choice movement that emphatically defended the insidious practice of partial-birth abortion (a procedure of which there has not been one example of medical necessity)? Was it not the pro-choice movement that put on the aforementioned temper tantrum? Did they not clearly desire to "impose" censorship on the opposition? Have they not advocated the use of taxes to fund abortion? Doing so knowing full well that some of this money would come from those who disagree with their position. Is this not an attempt to "impose" on others? I would argue this attitude is far more prevalent with the pro-choice crowd.

I'm a lifelong Christian, but also a fervent supporter of the Constitution, which has kept me reluctantly on the fence with this issue. The actions of the pro-choice movement have undoubtedly pushed me to the other side. They could probably learn a lot from Tripp York.
"Doug Rixmann

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