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As someone who's been involved with the Tea Party movement, I can attest that every citizen I've met wants more than anything for people of integrity to win elections, regardless of party affiliation. Even Nancy Pelosi acknowledges our need to "drain the swamp" of all the scum that has amassed in our nation's Capitol.

We need people with conservative principles in every available office. However, there appears to be some confusion over the term "conservative." Some of my liberal, Democrat and Libertarian friends think conservative means religious, old-fashioned or just downright anal.

The ideal Tea Party candidate is a conservative with personal integrity, which is a safeguard against fraud and corruption. Conservative means to apply frugality in the use of something, as in to "conserve energy." Frugal growth of government would have prevented the current crushing burden on taxpayers we see at every level, from municipal to federal. Frugal lawmaking preserves liberty.

Every new law is an additional burden on free people unless another older, inadequate law is removed. Because of the loose structure (or lack thereof) of this type of movement, it would be easy for a polished, political parasite to find success by masquerading as a Tea Party conservative. We expected some ambitious-at-any-cost frauds would use the Tea Party name to get elected, but we're seeing more and more proof of it, as with the campaign of Scott Ashjian from Nevada. The goal of Ashjian is to keep Harry Reid in power.

Harry Reid is the Washington power player who first suggested Barack Obama seek the presidency and offered him full backing by the Democrat Party if he would do so. Why? To stop the woman he despises and fears most " Hillary Clinton. The only way to prevent scum from rising to the top is to limit the pay and perks for public service. Power-seeking scum won't waste their time on something with a humble payout.

"Debi Bohannan
Oklahoma City

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