The Continuing Crisis 

On one fateful day in 2003 in Sikeston, Mo., according to Holly Adams, she had sex at different times with Raymon and Richard Miller, who are identical twins and who did not know about each other's encounter. Adams became pregnant, but both Millers deny paternity despite, of course, an identical DNA match for each brother (with both claiming that it must have been the other). Adams has named Raymon the father, and a court must decide paternity and child support just like courts did before DNA testing was developed.

Sarah Dacre, 51, walks around all day dressed like a beekeeper, which she says she must do following her 2005 self-diagnosis of "electrical sensitivity," according to an April profile in London's Daily Mail. The hallmark of her outfit is a veil that she says keeps away the incapacitating waves from appliances ranging from cell phones to refrigerators. Her house's windows have gauze shades, and the wallpaper a tinfoil lining, and Dacre, who still uses a computer three hours a day, nonetheless believes "wi-fi" will be the "tobacco" of our times, ultimately to be reviled for causing so many as-yet-undiagnosed illnesses.

Police in Rapid City, S.D., stopped a car at about 1 a.m. on June 5 and found the female-looking driver to be intoxicated and, at 18, too young to drink. They also found that the passenger was local alderman Tom Johnson, who called the driver his "helper" at his middle-of-the-night task of personally putting up yard signs for his campaign for mayor. According to the Rapid City Journal, Johnson continually referred to the driver as a woman, but police later learned that the driver was a man dressed as a woman, which Johnson claimed he was shocked to find out.

Older and Younger: In January, a judge in Farmville, Va., declared a mistrial in an attempted-murder case after the defense lawyer (James Sheffield, 74), said he had lost his train of thought right in the middle of his closing statement.

At the other end of the spectrum, Victor De Leon III celebrated five years on the pro videogaming tour, according to a June profile in The New York Times, which means that, at 9, he has been a pro gamer since age 4.

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