Strain Review: Project 4516

Strain name: Project 4516 Grown by: 5th Leaf Acquired from: Gaia’s Favor Date acquired: Jan. 3 Physical traits: purple and light green Bouquet: floral and sweet

Strain Review: White Truffle

Strain name: White Truffle Grown by: Zenoa Cannabis Acquired from: Electraleaf Date acquired: Dec.17 Physical traits: light green and deep purple frosted white Bouquet: gassy and earthy

His Highness

The chefs at Guyutes are giving you an infused version of a traditional European pastry for Christmas this year.
The King Cake is a recipe dating back centuries and a reference to the three wise men visiting the infant Jesus Christ. But, as always, along with a fava bean, the chefs at Guyutes — Matt Pryor and Jarrod Friedel — have hidden something else entirely inside their version.

Strain Review: Chem Cookies

Strain name: Chem Cookies Grown by: Stability Cannabis Acquired from: Cannabless (323 NW 23rd St.) Date acquired: Dec. 12 Physical traits: purple and light green densely coated in trichomes Bouquet: earthy and floral

Strain Review: Scroopy Nopers

Strain name: Scroopy Nopers Grown by: Gridiron Wellness Acquired from: Eden Rose Date acquired: Dec. 12 Physical traits: multiple shades of frosted green with wiry stigmas Bouquet: gassy and earthy

Cowboy hat trick

The third time’s the charm for Stillwater’s Cowboy Cup, which minted its latest round of Oklahoma cannabis champions this month.
The people have spoken and the Cowboy Cup has been crowned Oklahoma’s cannabis competition.

Strain Review: G.A.S.

Strain name: G.A.S

Strain Review: Cowboy Cup indoor flower entry #98 (strain unknown)

Strain name: Cowboy Cup indoor flower entry #98 (strain unknown)

Kind side

Need an easy holiday recipe to keep the hungry hordes at bay? The chefs at Guyutes have you covered with their infused corn casserole recipe.
The holiday season is upon us once more and with it comes togetherness, food and stress.

Strain Review: Gorilla Butter

Strain name: Gorilla Butter Grown by: BCC Collective Acquired from: Quality Control Date acquired: Nov. 4 Physical traits: frosted purple with hints of dark green Bouquet: sweet and gassy

Strain Review: Violet Delight

Strain name: Violet Delight Grown by: Budwise Acquired from: The Herbin’ Joint (Sand Springs) Date acquired: Oct. 30 Physical traits: light green and orange Bouquet: floral and earthy

High Sea

Shrimp tikka masala
While vacationing in Panama, Jarrod Friedel was directed to a restaurant that served a traditional Indian meal, tikka masala, with seafood.

Strain Review: Kish Mintz

Strain name: Kish Mintz Grown by: Dream Leaf Farms Acquired from: The Lettuce Bar Date acquired: Oct. 12 Physical traits: light green with purple Bouquet: sweet and spicy Review: Normally, the premier shelf (whether it’s called “top,” “platinum,” “exotic” or so on) is where the strains for these reviews are culled, but upon a first visit to The Lettuce Bar in Choctaw, it was actually the bottom shelf that stood out to me. Usually, that’s where mediocre outdoor flower or shake is relegated but the hundred-dollar ounces here looked and smelled as good as the best offerings at many other dispensaries, so a chance was taken.

Strain Review: Fish Scale

Strain name: Fish Scale Grown by: Cookies Acquired from: Cookies Date acquired: Oct. 12 Physical traits: frosted purple with hints of light green Bouquet: gassy and sweet

High Standards

There’s no dispute that BCC Collective has the most eye-catching of public Oklahoma dispensary art, with its massive JEKS murals covering both the southern and eastern exposures of the building providing photorealistic portraits of Albert Einstein, Willy Wonka and Darth Vader, among others.

Strain Review: Killer Cupcake

Strain name: Killer Cupcake

Strain Review: Eastside MAC

Strain name: Eastside MAC

Strain Review: Papaya Cake

Strain name: Papaya Cake

Strain Review: Wedding Cake

Strain name: Wedding Cake

Textured Gigh

In March 2019, Oklahoma Gazette published these words: “Oklahoma Gazette has partnered with the minds at Guyutes, 730 NW 23rd St., to go beyond the ubiquitous pot brownie and provide cooking with cannabis recipes that will deliver desired medicinal results in an elegant fashion.

Strain Review: Tropical Fizz

Strain name: Tropical Fizz

Strain Review: Lilac Diesal

Strain name: Lilac Diesel

Strain Review: Black Cherry Jelly

Strain name: Black Cherry Jelly Grown by: Zero Group Acquired from: Quail Greens Date acquired: Aug. 18 Physical traits: purple and light green Bouquet: sweet and earthy

Strain Review: Cherbet

Strain name: Cherbet

Strain Review: Purple Punch 2.0

Strain name:  Purple Punch 2.0


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