Gentle warrior

Cannabis Aid co-owner Elijah X Mothershed Bey’s murder leaves a community shaken and saddened.
It was a sunny, warm October day when Cannabis Aid, 1612 NE 23rd St., began selling the products that gave the dispensary its name, but the rain is unending and the skies a deep dull gray on the first day doors open after the murders of founder Elijah Malachi X Mothershed Bey and his family.

Legal harvest

Growers are starting to harvest their first batch of medical marijuana in the state.
It’s the beginning of Dan Wade’s first harvest, and you couldn’t chisel the smile off of his face.

Collecting patients

Local dispensary Fire Leaf helps Oklahomans obtain their medical marijuana licenses by holding patient drives.
Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries have to have patients to buy products in order to keep their doors open, patients must have doctor recommendations and pay the license fee before they can purchase them and the two are coming together in patient drives that mutually benefit both parties.

Redbud roots

A local soil company specializes in producing the perfect soil in which to grow medical marijuana.
If you need the dirt on growing cannabis in organic soil, Redbud Soil Company is the place to get it.

Busted plans

A past out-of-state warrant resulted in a local cannabis businessman spending nearly a month in jail without charges.
Daniel Newberg expected to open his medical marijuana dispensary, No Rhyme or Reason Kratom Shoppe & CBD, after the paperwork went through in November.

Legal marijuana

Oklahoma Gazette’s medical marijuana correspondent reflects on getting his license and being able to possess marijuana legally.
Christmas came a few days early for me this year.

CBD rising

CBD Plus USA grew to over 50 locations in less than a year.
With President Donald Trump’s signature on the 2018 farm bill last month, industrial hemp became an ordinary agricultural commodity, and CBD Plus USA sees it as bringing the company one step closer to getting its products into all 50 states.

Compassionate minds

Oklahoma medical marijuana proponents have an unlikely ally at NE 23rd Street and Lincoln Boulevard.
Oklahoma State Rep. Jon Echols is a conservative Republican serving southwest Oklahoma and northwest Cleveland counties.

Coffee plus

Norman now boasts the state’s only CBD cafe on Campus Corner.
University of Oklahoma’s Campus Corner in Norman just got a lot more chill thanks to the new kid on the block.

Green area

Oklahoma Gazette and OMMA’s Melissa Miller go through common questions surrounding medical marijuana patient applications.
With 25,000 patient applications on file and more than 18,600 medical marijuana licenses already issued, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is keeping busy.

Hemp-y holidays

Celebrate the season with The High Culture’s first gift guide.
CBD Plus USA multiple metro locations | 833-422-3758

Doctor’s orders

While obtaining medical marijuana is fairly easy, getting a license from a physician is proving to be a bit more difficult.
With new dispensaries opening their doors weekly and harvests starting to fill shelves, would-be patients are scrambling to find doctors with openings and answers to their medical questions.

Growing gear

Local businesses plant the seeds for marijuana cultivation.
If you’re looking to take your green thumb to the next level, marijuana might be the crop for you.

The High Culture: Green market

Prices are stabilizing for medical marijuana after the opening-day high.
The market price for a gram of medical marijuana was through the roof on opening day.

Growing dreams

The folks at B.C.C. Collective hope to secure the spot at the top of the medical cannabis pyramid in Oklahoma with their unique, in-your-face image.
On a quiet block on the western edge of downtown Oklahoma City, street artist Jeks stands atop a scissor lift, painstakingly filling in the wrinkles on Albert Einstein’s face with cans of spray paint.

Green light

Oklahoma City has recently modified its city ordinances to lower the punishments for marijuana and paraphernalia possession.
Getting busted with your bag or bong in Oklahoma City is now a lot less painful.

New sooners

Medical marijuana is now legal in Oklahoma, and a handful of dispensaries are already offering smokeable product.
By Friday afternoon, word has gotten around and business at Cannabis Aid is booming.

New leaves

One of Oklahoma City’s oldest law firms is jumping into the state’s newest industry with both feet.
J. Blake Johnson is dressed in a black T-shirt and his jeans are tucked into a loose pair of high-tops.

Buyer beware

With few regulations surrounding the safety of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, business insiders advise buyers to use discretion.
Medical marijuana regulations rolled out by the state health department in July were met with heavy pushback from the community at large and caused Gov. Mary Fallin to call for revisions and set forth emergency rules on Aug. 1.

Hashed out

The Oklahoma City Police chief introduced an ordinance to Oklahoma City Council that, if passed, will eliminate incarceration for marijuana offenses.
If an ordinance introduced to Oklahoma City Council members Aug. 28 passes later this month, when the council votes on it, Oklahoma County Jail will no longer hold prisoners for possession of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia.

Home grown

Newly adopted medical marijuana regulations give local business owners relief.
Mary Najar remembers the day before she and her husband opened their hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) products store in Paseo Arts District in the fall of 2017.

Next episode

The new health department marijuana rules face legal challenges, but implementation will not be delayed.
Zig-Zag is the brand name of a well-known line of rolling papers, but it is also a term that could describe the sharp twists and turns in the ever-evolving saga of medical marijuana rule implementation that has unfurled since voters approved State Question 788 in June.

Finding reform

SQ788 brings decriminalization of possession to Oklahoma along with medical relief.
Lost in June’s eyebrow-raising voter turnout numbers for the approval of medical marijuana and the controversial amendments to the law added by the Oklahoma State Medical Board days later is much talk of the provisions for decriminalization of marijuana possession outlined in State Question 788.


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