Strain Review: Lilac Diesel

Strain name: Lilac Diesel

Strain Review: Hippie Crasher

Strain name: Hippie Crasher

Strain Review: Strawberry Bubbles

Strain name: Strawberry Bubbles Grown by: Golden Hour Gardens

Strain Review: Tropical Gelato

Strain name: Tropical Gelato Grown by: Straight Fire

Strain Review: Mac

Strain name: Mac Grown by: Xclusive Cannabis

Strain Review: Lemon Pepper

Strain name: Lemon Pepper Grown by: Tea H Sea

Strain Review: Punch Breath

Strain name: Punch Breath Grown by: The Holy Goat

Strain Review: Jelly Breath

Strain name: Jelly Breath Grown by: Smokey Okies

Strain Review: Dave Diaz

Strain name: Dave Diaz Grown by: Noble Cannabis Co.

Strain Review: Watermelon ZooZoos

Strain name: Watermelon ZooZoos Grown by: Creature Flora

Buckle up

The fourth Cowboy Cup takes over the Tumbleweed Dance Hall in Stillwater for its largest iteration yet on Dec. 2 and 3.
Cannabis competitions have come and gone, but The Cowboy Cup gains horsepower each year. Before medical cannabis was legal here, Daniel Lewis had a vision for a competition in his home state.

Strain Review: Gelato Cake

Strain name: Gelato Cake Grown by: D-Luxe Farms

Strain Review: Mint Doobie

Strain name: Mint Doobie Grown by: Stingers Cannabis Co.

Loaded carbs

In advance of all the holiday cooking, the chefs at Guyutes offer a quick and easy infused pasta recipe to get us through the best and worst of times.
Some of us are expecting to spend much of the remainder of the year on kitchen duty, so the chefs at Guyutes have prepared a simple infused shrimp pasta dish to gas up the tank in between holiday marathons. “Something light, quick and easy for nights that you just don't want to take your time and cook.

Strain Review: Kush Mints

Strain name: Kush Mints Grown by: The Laughing Goat

Strain Review: Maneater OG

Strain name: Maneater OG Grown by: CanOkie Buds

Smoke machines

For the cannabis-inclined, Halloween weekend in the Farmers Market District is going to be out of this world.
If you prefer your Halloween weekend to be a little more smoky than spooky, Sensi is taking over the OKC Farmers Public Market. Costumes and Cannabis Wonderland begins at 7 p.m.

Strain Review: Marshmallow OG

Strain name: Marshmallow OG Grown by: Johnson Grass

Strain Review: Han Solo Burger

Strain name: Han Solo Burger Grown by: OTOC Group

Strain Review: Pink Runtz

Strain name: Pink Runtz Grown by: Bono-Ape Cannabis Co.

Strain Review: Sherb Pie

Strain name: Sherb Pie Grown by: Charly’s Cannabis

Strain Review: Bubble Bath

Strain name: Bubble Bath Grown by: Altvm

Strain Review: Forbidden Zkittlez

Strain name: Forbidden Zkittlez Grown by: Emerald Technologies

Strain Review: Black Horizon

Strain name: Black Horizon Grown by: Stability Cannabis

Strain Review: Citrus Gelato Cake

Strain name: Citrus Gelato Cake Grown by: Heartland Farms


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