The Last Gun / 4 Dollars of Revenge 

Spaghetti Western fans are bound to be disappointed by this double feature, no matter how appealing the packaging for the Mill Creek Entertainment Blu-ray is, which is a lot. The two films just don't have the balls of Sergio Leone and the like.

In fact, for being of the same era as The Man with No Name, 1964's "The Last Gun" and 1968's "4 Dollars of Revenge" are rather old-fashioned and American-seeming. Even the brooding soundtracks are replaced by, at least in the case of "Gun," vanilla songs akin to Disney's "Davy Crockett" TV theme: inoffensive and uninspired.

In "Gun," set in 1866 Arizona, Cameron Mitchell (“Carousel”) plays a masked man — but a good one, like The Lone Ranger — to clean up a town in which the bad guys patronize brothels, get in bar fights, and chew cigars, yet sometimes dress like dandies. Who was that masked man? Who cares?

Same for "4 Dollars of Revenge," which doesn't sound like a whole helluva lot, yet severely overvalues itself. Robert Woods ("Battle of the Bulge") fronts the pic as a Cavalry soldier who's accused of pulling a Benedict Arnold on a babysitting mission he was leading, with the babe being cold, hard Confederate cash. He's innocent, of course, and thus seeks what the title promises.

And there's a love triangle. And, yes, more than a smidge of adventure, but nothing so enthralling that this gets anywhere seminal.

You are better off actually spending less money and getting these and 10 more flicks in Mill Creek's own "10,000 Ways to Die: The Spaghetti Western Collection" 12-movie set. They're on DVDs versus Blu-rays, but for such B pictures, the difference is minimal. —Rod Lott

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