The Losers: Volumes One & Two - Andy Diggle and Jock 

From the looks of the things, "The Losers" may make one helluva movie. It's one heckuva graphic novel "? not quite deserving of a "helluva." See for yourself, as Vertigo has reissued the first two collections in "The Losers: Book One (Vols. 1 & 2)," just in time for April's feature-film adaptation.

Andy Diggle certainly wrote these first dozen issues with cinema on the brain, as practically every page bursts with action. That's great when you're an artist like Jock (yep, just Jock), and get to depict snipers, 'splosions and splatter, but for the reader, a little less chaos and a little more character development would be welcome.

As it stands, The Losers are thinly drawn, comprising a ragtag team of former Special Forces members left for dead by their own government agency. But they're alive and well and pissed, and not only want off the agency's death list, but bring it down, especially when they learn it's running drugs and financing all sorts of black-ops missions it shouldn't.

Although the team numbers six, only a couple stand out: Jensen, the tech expert, because he wears glasses; Aisha, because she's the only female; and Cougar, because he wears a hat. The others tend to bleed in one's mind, as if they were interchangeable. They kinda are.

The first half plays like a heist film, loaded with "Mission Impossible shit," while the second deals with the aftermath, with lots of "FUDDA," "PANGG" and "BDOWWW" traded back and forth between players good and bad. Almost everyone is dispatched with a quip, with "scatterbrain" being among the most memorable (and literal).

With just a little more meat on its fractured bones, "The Losers" could be an A title. Even at a B level and one shiny Lincoln less than $20, this colorful collection is a bargain. "?Rod Lott

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