The OU/Texas rivalry turns to war, literally 

Sooner fans, Texas is beating you again. And this time, it really counts.

According to a press release from the U.S. Air Force, alumni from the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma are having their own Red River Rivalry in the place where American forces are fighting for freedom: Afghanistan.

Maj. Tobin Griffeth, a University of Texas fan and alum, and Capt. Katie Illingworth, an OU alum, started a little game of one-upmanship that helps the Afghan people. They asked family members back home to donate a box of items to give to the Afghans, things like school supplies and clothing. Each box sent over is a point for the competing state.

As of now, Texas leads this game 10-0. Ouch! C'mon Sooners, you can do better than this. And according to Capt. Illingworth, an OKC native, those boxes are coming.

"Yeah right," Griffeth was quoted in the press release, apparently he'll believe it when he sees it. He also reportedly flashed the Hook 'em Horns sign to Illingworth while shouting with glee.

It's bad enough the football team has lost to the Longhorns for two straight years now, not to mention four of the last five, but this is for freedom! Strap those helmets on! Get to the store!
The airmen ask donors not to send money or food, but things like winter clothes, school supplies and shoes instead.

"It's somewhat trivial," Illingworth was quoted. "But it's not as trivial as some think. Our rivalry is a big deal, and this is a unique channel that allows people back home to support their teams and support America."

The boxes can be mailed to the following address and should be addressed to Illingworth to make it count for Oklahoma. It's long, so grab a pen: CJTF-82-OSJA APO AE 09354.

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