The Rev. Steve Kern disputes dino diets 

Did the article say there were at least 1,600 people there on Friday evening? One of my good friends and fellow young Earth creationists, Tom Sharp, was a featured speaker. All those people came to hear a good deal of evidence to support our view.

I wonder if Gazette letter writers Mack Paul (“If Kern needs convincing,” Aug. 10) or David Grow (“Kern is wrong,” July 27) were there to consider any other arguments than their own.

I guess Mr. Paul is convinced that velociraptors and T. rex had to have been predatory, bloodthirsty carnivores because “Jurassic Park” presented that popular evolutionistic line of thinking. When it comes down to it, how do we know much of anything about the dinosaurs and what their true eating habits were that goes beyond speculation based on bare-bones fossil remains?

I read one time where chlorophyll residue was found in a T. rex tooth, and by the way, their teeth have ridges on the side that would be very helpful in stripping leaves off of tree limbs for food.

If I am not mistaken, there are several reptilian lizards that eat leaves and fruit rather than meat. When it comes to the raptor’s big, clawlike toe, there are a lot of animals that have huge claws that are used for digging roots and things like beets and potatoes out of the ground rather than using them for tearing some animal’s guts out. There is always more than one way to speculate on limited visible evidence like fossil bones.

yes, Mr. Mack is probably not aware that Jesus referred to the early
chapters of Genesis more than any other Old Testament sections of
Scripture. He saw that information as historical and critical to
understanding the fact that he is the creator introduced in the Genesis
account. They actually go hand in hand when it comes to understanding
who Jesus is and why he came.

—Steve Kern
Oklahoma City

husband of state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, is pastor of Olivet
Baptist Church and adjunct professor at Mid-America Christian

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