The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming! 

Brad Gregg

The latest incident came last week when Edmond City Council considered a resolution adopting Engles, Russia, as its sister city. According to The Oklahoman, the city has worked for several years for the program, which enables cultural and educational exchanges.

Of course, the very idea of having a cultural exchange with anything Russian stinks of a commie plot.

Edmond’s own Govern Edmond Locally group was able to — with the help of Glenn Beck, Alex Jones and others who love freedom so hard that freedom had to get an unlisted phone number — sniff out the conspiracy and take action.

Govern Edmond Locally members attended the City Council meeting and explained how the sister-city program is nothing more than a front for an insidious United Nations plan to confiscate all personal property.

Last year, the City of Edmond bravely stood up to the group when it said … no, wait. Actually, according to The Oklahoman, Edmond leaders withdrew from the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives after Govern Edmond Locally complained the ICLEI was tied to the aforementioned UN plot.

City Councilman Nick Massey tried to tell the group that Engles was no longer even communist. That ended up pretty much as you would expect, with a Govern Edmond Locally member claiming University of Central Oklahoma President Don Betz was “pals with terrorists because of his academic ties.”

The resolution passed in spite of the ruckus. Edmond City Manager Larry Stevens was quoted in The Oklahoman as saying he was “personally embarrassed” by the incident.

Whatever you say ... comrade.

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