Three Oral Roberts University board of regents members may face investigation 

In the wake of the Oral Roberts University scandal, a U.S. senator announced an investigation of possible financial wrongdoing by a group of televangelists. Three of those evangelical media moguls " Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar " are on the ORU board of regents, according to The Associated Press.


OK, we're not quite sure which is the more intriguing story, learning about the lavish lifestyle of these televangelists, or the fact that the flamboyant faith-healing broadcasters and prosperity preacher have ties to an Oklahoma university.


The current head of ORU, Richard Roberts, has been sued by three former university professors. They claim the university fired them after they uncovered that Roberts and his wife were living a rich and famous lifestyle from the school's coffers.


Hinn, born Tofik Benedictus Hinn, practically operates a concert-sporting event for his televised ministry. His "Miracle Crusades" revival meetings have folks falling over themselves to get down the aisle and feel the power of the Hinn. HIV, Lou Gehrig's disease and cancer are among the afflictions Hinn has claimed to have slain. He has predicted God will destroy homosexuality in America and that Fidel Castro soon will die. There's a bold prediction.


Copeland is a former ORU student and one-time pilot for Oral Roberts. He likes to preach that faith and wealth go hand in hand. He reportedly convinced his followers to help purchase a $20 million jet so he and his wife could fly around the world preaching the gospel. That's probably what Jesus would do.


Dollar " great name for this profession! " tops Copeland on the frequent-flyer prayers. Dollar reportedly has amassed multiple jets, two Rolls-Royce cars and a multimillion dollar apartment in New York.

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