To bang or not to bang? 

That could mean a number of things for you. Likely, however, it means you’re gearing up for cooler temps (if and when they finally arrive) by revamping your wardrobe.

It would make sense that you’ll establish your “fall look,” from head to toe.

For me, my toes will be covered with a variety of boots, tall and short, heeled and flat. I’ll probably wear a scarf most days, and I’m thinking of adopting last year’s carryover trend of wearing athletic-type pants with a nice top and functional-to-dressy boot.

When I considered my hair, however, I struggled for a clear course of action, so I did what anyone would do: deferred to Pinterest. Sure enough, I wasn’t the first one to consider new locks for the season.

If your goal is to have fall-forward hair, here’s what the fashion gods have to say: Bangs are back, layers are in and ombre color is hot.

To an amateur of the styling world, those might sound easy enough to achieve. But they are not.

Bangs, by themselves, are an incredibly complex matter that requires caution and forehead-to-face consideration. Layers have to add body and depth, but also blend. And ombre coloring technique should be left to top-notch colorists.

For a bangin’ salon, try Salon W (7304 N. Western; 608-0692). My first visit here was on a high-stress day.

You see, I’m an emotional (bang) cutter, and I didn’t have time to drive to the salon I usually use. I called ahead and Salon W was able to get me in immediately.

I left with some fringe that I loved and in a way better mood.

No matter if you wear them straight across or sweep them to the side, the perfect bangs cut makes all the difference.

Looking for layers? Stop into Cottonwood Salon Spa (35 E. 33rd, Edmond; 340-1700). Check out its website at to help select a stylist.

Playing with color can be a good way to end up with dried-out and unhealthy hair. Make sure you find a reputable product, as well as salon, before you make the commitment.

Eden Salon & Spa (4200 N. Western; 525-6110) uses Aveda products, which are responsibly packaged and natural dyes that make your hair healthier. Whether you decide to go ombre or keep it all one color, Eden’s color specialists will be able to answer any questions you might have on your journey.

So, start at the top with your hair and work your way down. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for those turning leaves and crisp fall evenings.

And you’ll look fabulous. Let’s shop, OKC!

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