If there's one thing Oklahoma politicians tell us we should be proud of as a state, it's our innovation. When life hands us lemons, we squeeze lemon juice in life's eyes until it gives us something better, preferably something involving football and/or deep-fried.

Now, the state is putting its best foot forward and blazing new trails in the area of executing people.

See, there's been a slight hiccup with death row inmates as of late. The drug sodium thiopental, administered as an anesthetic prior to the lethal drugs are given to the prisoner, has been in extremely short supply nationwide.

The resulting shortage is so severe that some states have actually had to perform desperate searches in order to carry out executions.

On Nov. 10, the Daily Mail reported that because of the extreme shortage of thiopental, Oklahoma is considering using the drug pentobarbital, a veterinary anesthetic, to carry out its lethal injections. This gives new meaning to the phrase "die like a dog."

The article states that "other states such as Arizona and Tennessee have sourced thiopental abroad and administered it with success." The article states that importing the drug is "a route Oklahoma will not go down." That's right, because asking foreigners for help would just be undignified.

If our lethal injection drugs come from Europe, for example, what's next? Socialized highway systems? Switching the name of freedom fries with something French? Changing our beloved state's name to something non-English (wait ... that already happened)? Not killing people with drugs meant to send Fido and Mittens on their merry way to "a nice farm in the country with lots of room to run and play"?

Things could quickly get scary and confusing.

A federal judge approved usage of the new drug Nov. 19, according to The Associated Press.

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