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Not only does travel writer Terry Zinn find the martini to be a delicious drink, but visually appealing as well.

Exploring the world with a camera is part of his job, so wherever work takes him, Zinn poses a photograph of a martini. From a vast collection of such images, he’s chosen 20 to comprise his exhibit, Martini Travels, now on display at 50 Penn Place Gallery through April 30. An opening reception will be held Friday.

Not every shot is of the cocktail; in some destinations, martinis simply aren’t available.

While visiting the Galapagos Islands, no martini glasses could be found, so a teenager made one with a toilet-paper roll and aluminum foil — practical, but not tempting.

right At Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Even when martinis abound, getting the perfect image is no easy task, Zinn said, noting Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate proved to be one of the most problematic. Since the structure is a
tourist hot spot, he had trouble snapping between crowds and cars. He
sat outside of the Hotel Adlon with his $30 martini, waiting for the
right shot.

“You can’t eliminate all of the distractions,” said Zinn. “And I can’t drink the martini until after I photograph it.”

In choosing images for his exhibit, Zinn wanted to relate to even the most landlocked of viewers. Alongside photos of iconic destinations such as Times Square and the Netherlands, he selected three from the metro.

“If the audience sees something that reminds them of a place they’ve been to, then they’ll connect with it,” said Zinn.

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