Tulsa Chick-fil-A sets world lemonade record 

Making the daily slow and stalker-ish drive past a soon-to-be-opened Chick-fil-A in Norman (Chicken-Fried News doesn't mess around when it comes to winning free food for a year), we suddenly got a hankering for an ice cold and delicious lemonade. You know, the freshly squeezed kind that Chick-fil-A makes.

If only we'd been stalking Tulsa Chick-fil-As on Aug. 20, our refreshing prayers would have been answered. According to an article from PRNewswire, the Chick-fil-A at Tulsa's Eastside Market celebrated National Lemonade Day with a big ol' glass of thirst-quenching, lemony goodness. Now, we don't know how you all celebrate this popular holiday, but here at CFN we honor all the traditional favorites: bobbing for lemons, roasting lemons over an open fire and, a personal favorite, lemon car racing.

But Chick-fil-A has upstaged us all. The eatery, at 11201 E. 71st in Tulsa, created an 839-gallon, Guinness World Record-setting cup of lemonade, according to PRNewswire. The refreshment, which drained the previous "Largest Cup of Soft Drink" winner by more than 200 gallons, was concocted with 1,050 pounds of sugar, 580 gallons of water, 250 pounds of ice and 11,730 lemons.

Said franchise operator Arthur Greeno, "I'm extremely proud of my team members for all of their hard work, and I owe a debt of gratitude to those local businesses and individuals responsible for helping me achieve this ambitious goal."

According to PRNewswire, the 'ade went on to aid: The drink was used to supply the "Sunkist Take a Stand" lemonade stands outside the Chick-fil-A with proceeds donated to Tulsa's Little Light House, an organization that serves children with special needs. The stands collected more than $10,000.

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