Twitter Tuesday: You say 'philosophical,' I say... 

It's time for the second Twitter Tuesday. Let's do it...

Peter's response to a tweet that reported nearly 1 percent of Oklahoma parents do not vaccinate their child for "philosophical" reasons probably expresses how many of us feel. I try to keep an open mind and remember that different people view the world differently. But refusing vaccinations is hard for me to understand. On the Media, a weekly podcast from WNYC, had a nice rundown of the vaccination controversy and the lack of scientific evidence to support any rational objection. "The combination of false science and government distrust has given a pedestal to the irrational, and the self-evident necessity of vaccines has come under attack," said the show, which you can listen to here. Amen. Like me, Grant agrees that Classen Curve and the roads around Chesapeake Energy's HQ have some of the worst traffic congestion of any local streets. It can be a confusing route to navigate, and it is one of the few places I consistently have issues with motorists while on my bike. The rumor that a Trader Joe's and REI were coming to the area would be great for the district, but significantly add to the traffic. Honestly, I don't think traffic is all that bad, especially when you have transit and bike options. The No. 5 bus line goes through Classen Curve and engineers promoting a regional transit system and named this as a possible destination for a streetcar line from downtown. However, there are not bike lanes. Any street near a Whole Foods needs a bike lane, right? I saw my first selfie stick in public last weekend at the science museum. It was horrifying. I was not looking forward to covering the "hoodie bill" during the legislative session. However, I never believed it had a chance of success. Besides, every year a handful of crazy bills get profiled in the media, drawing attention away from more important issues. Not saying these bills don't deserve attention or reporting, they do. But we have bigger fish to fry.

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