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click to enlarge Deanna Layman (left) and Charissa Morrison of Viva La Pies. - Photo Provided
  • Deanna Layman (left) and Charissa Morrison of Viva La Pies. Photo Provided

The two ladies of Viva La Pies want to share their comfort food with the metro.

The women behind Viva La Pies would like you to imagine a friendly neighborhood pie shop where you can cozy up to your favorite slice with a great cup of coffee. What could be more homey than a slice of pie? After eight years of planning, owners Deanna Layman and Charissa Morrison are on the way to make that dream a reality. “We both love the nostalgia that pies bring, the sense of home that it evokes,” Layman said. The two became partners over conversations about baking and family recipes. Both ladies have a passion for baking that goes back to their childhood. “I’ve been baking as long as I can remember. I have a pie crust recipe from my grandma, and that’s really what got me venturing into the pie world,” Morrison said. The two announced their plans to build a pie shop in Edmond a few months ago and have been generating buzz with social media since then. In recent weeks, they launched a 35-day Kickstarter campaign for the necessary funds for the shop and the equipment necessary to make it a reality. “The goal of the campaign is $15,000, and most of it will go to equipment,” Layman said. They plan to make nine varieties of pie available at all times, with specials rotated based on seasonal availability. The pies have cute names in line with the revolutionary tone of the shop’s name. Two listed on the website are The Blue Crown, a blueberry banana, and the aptly named The Peoples Pie, bacon apple, because bacon is one of the great equalizers. “Our pies will feature local ingredients when available, and we will not use hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup,” Layman stressed. Viva La Pies will offer catering, custom orders, whole pies and pie by-the-slice. They also will serve java from Norman-based Mariposa Coffee Roastery. Layman plans to expand the pie selection to savory pies in the future. The location of the shop will be announced midway through the Kickstarter campaign. “We have several in mind. We’re picking out the perfect spot,” Layman said. “We’re getting the details together, and our goal is to be open in mid-June.” The women are excited to bring something like this to Edmond. Their goal is to foster a sense of community. They want to create a shop selling delicious confections, but they also want it to be a place people want to spend time. A cult-favorite television series from 2007-2009 called Pushing Daisies starred Oklahoma actor Lee Pace, a pie-maker, as the protagonist. The show centered on a pie shop rife with nostalgic touches and down-home charm. Layman cited the show as one of her influences when Viva La Pies was in the planning stages. “I was making a lot of pies and plans while watching that show,” she said. Pie is one of the original comfort foods, and Layman and Morrison’s recipes have been handed down over generations. The Viva La Pies Kickstarter campaign runs through May 26. To learn more about the concept or contribute to the cause, visit

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