What about Kabob? 

Daal channa
BY: Mark Hancock

Look, I just eat the food.

Sorry. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at what makes Indian food and Pakistani food different or some kind of historical significance or really anything ... I don’t know.

I just like Kabob-n-Curry, which is the only Pakistani place I’m aware of in Oklahoma City.

I liked it when it was a hole-in-the-wall and you got funny looks if you didn’t get the food to-go. And I like it now that there are tables and lights and it seems like a real restaurant. I still kind of get funny looks, however. (Am I just funny-looking? Oh
god, I am!) No matter what, I know when I go to Kabob-n-Curry that I
will be getting daal channa ($4.50), because that is what my wife wants
and god help you if you try to stop her. She is not a fan of spicy
foods, in general, but this is so good she doesn’t care a little bit.

with yellow lentils, this creamy stew has a rich, buttery flavor and
packs a real punch in your flavor gut. It comes topped with fried
onions, which give the whole mess a sweet note that I find irresistible.

quick note about rice: You will need to order some. At Kabob-n- Curry,
rice is not included. But when you order it, you get enough to choke a
small-throated donkey with a penchant for rice. It’s $2 well spent.

Similarly, if you want naan, order it.

place is strictly à la carte. A big ol’ piece of tandoori naan is $1. I
could eat a Lincoln’s worth, given the opportunity, so maybe just get a
couple to start.

Haandi kabob beef
BY: Mark Hancock

OK, I lied about not knowing the difference between Pakistani and Indian cuisine. Pakistani cuisine includes beef. So if you’re
hungry for kababs that are bovine in origin, this is a good place. For
my money, the haandi kabab beef ($6.99) is a good bet. It uses seekh
beef kabab (ground and spiced beef) and serves them with gravy. Spoon it
over rice and let it sop up the flavor.

to things that are kind of basically the same, however, the channa
masala ($4.99) is an amazing chickpea curry that has a heartier texture
and a more assertive spice. This is good for vegetarians or people who
enjoy eating food.

do you feel about goats? Do you think they’re delicious? Did one of them
murder your family and now you’re seeking revenge? Either way, I like
the mutton achaari ($6.99), which combines tender stewed goat meat in a
spicy gravy with green chilies. This is hot. If you save leftovers for
the next day, it will be hotter. I’ve never known leftovers to last
longer than that.

Food really is the great equalizer.

sure someone who knows the rich history of Pakistan could tell you some
awesome things about this food, but dummies like me can go in there and
just eat it, and it tastes good, and why aren’t you already eating

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