Without GM Plant, Oklahoma City still a strike site 

OK, time to play that old-time favorite "Sesame Street" game: Which thing doesn't belong? Mega-giant automobile maker General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers union finally struck a deal, which ended two days of strikes by GM employees nationwide. During the negotiations, UAW members picketed in front of GM plants all over the country including in Detroit; Ohio; Oklahoma City; Kansas City, Kan.; Wisconsin and "¦


Whoa, Nellie, hit the TiVo pause button, please! Oklahoma City? The city General Motors abandoned more than a year ago?


Sure 'nough, loyal unionists were outside the GM compound in southeast Oklahoma City with signs in hand and resolve in heart. They were going to stick with their brethren no matter how long it took to bring the corporate man to his knees.


Well, in Oklahoma City that might take some time since there are practically no corporate GM legs standing. After a 25-year run, GM decided the plant would be the victim of the efficiencies of economies of scale and shut it down in February 2006.


There are still at least 200 workers at the defunct plant, with 75 UAW members. But the place is as dead as a Backstreet Boys reunion tour. When you go from a college-campus-size plant with 2,400 employees to 200 individuals thinking of the good times, manufacturing life ceases to exist.


KTOK-AM 1000 radio reported Clyde Stevens, labor relations manager at the plant, indicated the humor of striking workers picketing a closed car-manufacturing plant was not lost on him. He told KTOK the workers still at the plant were responsible for the transfer of company assets to other GM plants around the country.

Just shows solidarity is not bound by employment.

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