Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings 

Not that I'm complaining.

The film then presents a group of unlikable and virtually interchangeable Weston University students who take off for a West Virginia weekend of extreme snowmobiling and (for some) interracial lesbian lovin'. Their problems amount to standard Movie College Assholes ("Great! We're almost of weed!") until their pampered, entitled arses have them taking temporary refuge from a blizzard inside Glenville's halls. The institution is long decommissioned, but not uninhabited.

Yes, the grunting, deformed, in-bred sibs who escaped Glenville so long ago are back, harboring the same descriptive monikers vs. proper names (they call them One-Eye, Three-Finger and Saw Tooth) and the same bloodlust for normal folks like you and me. Thus, our Canadian cast of cardboard collegians are about to be expelled ... from life itself.

For disposable horror, I like this franchise. Remember, the original 2003 "Wrong Turn" was a wide release and a serious affair starring Eliza Dushku that made just enough money to merit a sequel, albeit one sent straight to video. Shockingly, 2007's "Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" lightened things up considerably by doubling as a parody of "Survivor" and its reality-show brethren, and was the better film.

The fun improved with 2009's "Saw"-inspired forest romp "Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead," and now, that chapter's director, Declan O'Brien ("Sharktopus") "4," and turns the three villains into the Three Stooges of fright films, giggling like girls as they cut off a guy's nipple, administer shock treatment on an unwilling patient, drill through a woman's abdomen or behead a blonde with a barbed-wire noose. Nyuk-nyuk-kathunk!

While his story is little more an outline, O'Brien achieves one slick-looking sick package on a punishing, bone-chilling 19-day schedule. It delivers what it promises and then some: a bloody beginning. And end. And all that clots in between. —Rod Lott

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