Graffiti art exhibit opening at downtown club

Some people see graffiti and street art as vandalism "? something that should be punished with a fine "¦ or worse.

But for Oklahoma City University students Clinton Dean and Adam Jones, the tagging on trains, trash cans and park benches provides the inspiration for their upcoming exhibit, "Graffitto."

Opening Friday at LiT Lounge, 209 Flaming Lips Alley, Dean captures the environment around these concrete canvases with his camera, as Jones takes styles found on the street and incorporates them into mixed-media portraits.

"We look at graffiti as a sort of a free art form," Dean said. "We think it's important, and we think it has value. It doesn't have to be lowbrow."

The two artists chose a bar for their exhibit because they wanted people to come and enjoy themselves as they were surrounded by good art. People come in, grab a drink and look at art "? nothing else required.

"Basically, we are taking the after party and the actual show and putting it together," Jones said. "We're trying to bring out the people (who) love our work the most, and that's our age group."

Running through August, the exhibit is free to the public, and most of the pieces will be on sale. For more information, call 602-6246. "?CJ Macklin 

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