Midwinter glow

Local makeup artists’ tips to stay sparkling through even the longest winter days

With the high of the holiday season over and done, it’s easy to fall into a winter slump.

Catching a glimpse of sparkly eyeshadow or a bright red lip in the mirror can be the perfect way to revive a little cheer and maybe find a touch of the approaching Valentine’s Day spirit.

However, bright makeup looks come with potential pitfalls, as makeup can settle into creases during long hours of wear or melt off in the over zealous warmth of indoor heating.

So for those looking to add a little glow to their January, OKC’s local makeup artists are here to help.

Step 1: Start with skin

Every good makeup look starts with its base, and ironically, that isn’t foundation.

“Makeup application does start with a great skincare regimen, one that is good for you,” The Velvet Mirror’s Natasha Goodlin said. “Not to go even deeper, proper nutrition and hydration — that also plays a huge role in how our skin type is.”

With more than a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Goodlin launched her own makeup line, Natasha Rae Cosmetics, in 2018. Meanwhile, her sister, Savanah Harris, was forming Savvy Beauty Co.

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Leslee Layton Films, provided
Natasha Goodlin (left) and Savanah Harris (right) work together preparing a client for her moment in the spotlight. Photo

Now, in 2023, both sisters are combining their businesses to form The Velvet Mirror. Goodlin’s cosmetic line will continue to be available during the transition to its new name: Velvet, and can be found at velvetmirror.com.

Her skincare recommendations depend on type.

“For me personally in the winter season, I do not moisturize after I have washed and toned. I use my primer instead,” Goodlin said. “I’ll do an eye cream but I do not moisturize. Even though winter tends to be a little drier, I am still oily and this I know.”

For those with drier skin types, keeping skin moisturized is important to prevent the skin from appearing flaky.

Step 2: Prime everything

The next part of laying down a good base is the primer.

“It just kind of gives you a blank canvas to work off,” Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio owner Samantha McLoud said. “The primer sits on the skin and kind of hovers above it and kind of acts like a double sided tape; sticks to your skin and then it grabs the foundation, so it keeps everything wearing really well.”

Harris agreed.

“If you have any sort of face primer, a pore perfecting primer, which is a product that we carry; that’s going to help, you know, make your pores look invisible,” she said. “it’s going to help keep your makeup on, it’s going to help it lay smoothly on your face.”

McLoud also named a few options.

“Benefit Porefessional, that’s one of my favorites,” she said.

Step 3: Choose your adventure

Next, it’s time to select the makeup adventure you want.

“I always recommend balance,” Makeup By Raven’s Raven Herschel said. “So if they’re a person that likes a bold eye to do that, but then to carry that on with a nuder lip or a medium toned lip, or if you don’t like a lot of eye makeup, you can do a bolder lip and a natural eye but I always recommend one or the other.”

Some wearers may feel more comfortable in bold colors, while others want to go more neutral.

“Do a practice run,” Herschel said. “That way you can take pictures and see how it looks. Because sometimes you do your makeup for a really special event and it doesn’t show on camera the way you want it to and you have to make some tweaks.”

Meanwhile, times in-between special events are the perfect chance to experiment without the pressure of having cameras around.

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Kendra Michal Johnson
Raven Herschel of Makeup By Raven recommends using a glitter primerto help elaborate eye looks last all day—and night if needed.

Step 4: All about the eyes

Whatever kind of eye look you choose, the key is once again primer.

“I don’t do any makeup without an eyeshadow primer,” McLoud said. “My favorite eyeshadow primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion.”

Starting with eye makeup before the rest of the face allows more forgiveness for mistakes.

“If you make a mess with the glitter, you can easily clean it up with a makeup wipe,” Herschel said. “So I always recommend if you’re doing a glam eye or any sort of loose pigment or glitter to do the eyes first.”

She said she applies NYX’s glitter primer and uses makeup setting spray on her brush to help prevent fallout.

“Then you can take a piece of tape and just kind of stick it to your skin and, you know, pick up all the glitter before you put the rest of your makeup on,” she said.

If the idea of loose glitter seems intimidating, glitter liner might be a more beginner-friendly option.

“Start really easy and maybe just do a line. And then if it doesn’t work out, get a good blending brush and buff it out and go with a full glitter eye,” McLoud said.

Speaking of glitter, “a lot of people buy, like, craft glitter that’s not for the face or the eyes, so you definitely want to be making sure that you’re using something that is safe for the eye area, so you don’t end up in the ER with a scratched cornea,” McLoud said.

For a more neutral eye look, applying liner to the upper waterline—right below the upper lashes—can add drama and is beginner friendly, Goodlin said.

To select eyeshadow shades, check for visibility especially if there’s a chance you’ll be taking selfies or pictures while wearing the look.

“I always recommend, you know, two shades darker than your skin tone with an eyeshadow, or else it’s not going to show up on camera,” Herschel said.

Additionally, choose long lasting formulas.

“I would use waterproof mascara,” Harris said, along with a lash primer to help hold her lashes’ curl and add drama.

Step 5: Face forward

Like during the skincare step, skin type is important in determining your foundation choice.

“Sometimes illuminating or very moisturizing foundation—though it feels good—is maybe not great for longevity,” Goodlin said, even for drier skin types.

Instead, she recommends applying a more matte foundation, such as her line’s mineral liquid foundation, but with a damp beauty blender.

“Even though a mattifying foundation seems kind of weird to apply on an already dry skin type, when you apply it with a beauty blender it gives you that moisture,” she said.

Step 6: Longwearing lips

The classic red or burgundy lip is a makeup staple—fantastic for a quick touch of joy—but is legendary for smudging.

“​​You can blot whatever lipstick you’re wearing with like a tissue and then put a translucent powder over the lipstick and that will really mattify it,” Herschel said.

She recommended the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent pressed powder.

Additionally, use lip products known for staying power, such as lip vinyls can help.

“You kind of paint it on, where you want it. It stays put, it doesn’t move and it stays glossy,” McLoud said, naming Maybelline Superstyle Vinyl Inks as an example.

Goodlin’s makeup line’s lip colors were specifically designed for longevity and comfort.

She and Harris recommended using Ella International Lip Chic Lipstick Sealer after applying lip color, to lock it in place.

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Kendra Michal Johnson
Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio owner Samantha McLoud demonstrates touching up eye makeup on hair stylist Tayler Shackelford

Step 7: Set everything

“If you’re using a lot of like cream products, you want to set those products with a similar color in a powder form or else it’s just going to slip and slide,” Herschel said.

An additional top off with setting spray seals everything.

“You always want to finish your makeup with a setting spray,” Herschel said. “And I noticed a big difference with this because my eyes are hooded, if I don’t do a setting spray, my eyeliner will move.”

Step 8: Rock it

And that’s basically it.

The artists only recommended a few key items to take with you out the door.

“Sometimes we get really hot in rooms and I get super shiny and it always shows up on camera,” Herschel said. “So oil blotting tissues are amazing.”

Another option is bringing a powder puff.

“Pat that on your powder, wrap it in a tissue and just stick it in your purse,” Harris said.

Patting it across the T-zone—the nose, forehead, chin and under the eyes—helps press everything back into place while picking up any excess oil, Harris and Goodlin said.

Herschel also advised bringing your lip color with you. 

Step 9: Take it off

Don’t forget to take it all off after the event and do your skincare, because remember, a good makeup look starts with what’s underneath it.

Caught without makeup remover in the house? Not a problem.

“I’ve even gone into the kitchen and gotten some coconut oil and worked it all over my face,” McLoud said. The oil breaks down the makeup and a quick shower washes it down the drain.

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