OKC Zoo hosts kids' Oklahoma-themed goat-naming contest

A dozen Nigerian dwarf goats born last spring are awaiting final construction on their permanent habitat at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The new children's zoo will open March 12, and while officials are responsible for building the goats' housing, it's up to local kids to help the new guests feel at home, starting with their names.

The zoo's "Name That Goat" contest is open through Jan. 13, and submissions are accepted online through the zoo's Web site, www.okczoo.com.

But the contest comes with a couple of catches: First, names must be either an Oklahoma city or town. And second, all the goats are male and must be named accordingly.

Sorry, Pink. Tough luck, Idabel and Amber.

More than 200 kids and families have submitted names so far, said Tara Henson, director of marketing and public relations. Some of the suggestions so far include Shawnee, Norman, Apache, Freedom and Gotebo, she said, noting that shortly after their birth, the goats were relocated to the zoo.

"We wanted to give these little guys some Oklahoma roots," she said. "A lot of people are really proud of their hometowns, and we thought it would be great for these fellas to have names reflective of that."

The winning names will be "randomly" selected and announced on the zoo's MySpace and Facebook sites at 10 a.m. Jan. 15. "Joe Wertz

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