Best of OKC reader’s poll write-ins

You’ll find this year’s official Best of OKC winners and favorites list on P.27 and online at Here, Oklahoma Gazette presents some of the most hilarious, fun and interesting ballot write-in comments and nominations from our 2016 voting ballots.

Best radio personality or team ballot write-in

>> Ferris O’Brien: Ferris has been spearheading alternative music and local bands for years. He deserves recognition for that as well as his tenacity.

Best person to follow on social media ballot write-ins

>> @dill_doe_sand_rugs: Dank memes!

>> Sauerkraut Kitty: Sauerkraut is a local kitty and Instagram celebrity! @thesauerkrautkitty

>> Tracey Zeeck: Hilarious and momish.

Best unofficial Twitter ballot write-in

>> Best dad bod: Travis Nance, aka @BeardedSkeptic. “I’d like to thank Haribo, Taco Bell, and Pokemon GO for sculpting this bod, and y’all for not fleeing in terror.”

Best local website or blog ballot write-in

>> Technically this works, right?

Best local living author ballot write-in

>> Doc Don Stinson: He taught me at Northern Oklahoma College and he kicks ass.

Best big-time Oklahoma singer / songwriter ballot write-in

>> Carrie Underwood: She is the only one I know of.

Best local singer / songwriter (not national) ballot write-in

>> Carter Sampson: A wonderful singer! She is also spearheading the OKC Rock Camp for Girls.

Best community leader ballot write-ins

>> We don’t have one: Oklahoma is in shambles because of our leadership.

>> James Lankford: I love his Christian values.

>> Jonathan Fowler: Art. He gets it. He supports it.

>> Michael Clark: He has taken OKC Pride from a small, local festival to a regional destination.

>> Rep. Lisa Johnson-Billy: Honors our Native American heritage.

>> Ranya O’Connor: She spearheaded the fight against the anti-panhandling ordinance. The results of her first year as the Director of The Curbside Chronicle are also quite impressive.

>> Sarah Adams-Cornell: Her Native Rights activism is unparalleled.

Best chef ballot write-ins

>> Amanda Simcoe aka The Cheese Wench: She moved here from Tulsa. She KNOWS cheese.

>> Gina Baird: My baby sister.

Best wait staff ballot write-ins

>> Chelino’s on N. May Avenue: Armando has taken care of us for years. He knew my kids when they were small and now serves the grandkids.

>> Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers on N. May Avenue: Friendly as f***

>> Olive Garden: ??

>> Picasso Cafe: They never make you wait; always attentive hipster service.

Best bar team ballot write-ins

>> James E. McNellie’s Public House: A place where the bar team knows your name.

>> Rockford Cocktail Den: Anna Mains, BAMF

>> Vast: They really know their crap.

Best waiter or waitress (and their restaurant) ballot write-ins

>> Renee Hilton at The Boom: Hardest working server in drag.

>> Sandi at The Miller Grill in Yukon: Like grandma bringing you goodies.

Best bartender (and their bar) ballot write-ins

>> Begona DeDios Tatum at HiLo Club: She looks like Siouxsie Sioux, is the fastest and most professional bartender around town. She makes a MEAN Piña Colada too!

>> Cameron Hess at The Copa: Cameron has worked for The Copa for over six years. He won Bar Wars last year, has a great personality and is great at mixing drinks.

>> Chelsey Cope at Empire Slice House: Maybe she might sing to you...

Best business owner (and their business) ballot write-ins

>> Bruce Rinehart at Rococo’s: Best crab cake you will find and the nicest man I know.

>> Scherry Johnson at Broadway Florist in Moore: During the 2013 tornado she provided the main flower arrangement for the altar or center of the gathering place for all victims of the Moore tornadoes funerals at no cost to the family.

Best local band ballot write-in

>> Jay’s band: The guy from OKC Vapes

Best performing arts group (ex: theater company, dance company, orchestral group) ballot write-in

>> ReAct: My girlfriend told me to put it.

Best visual artist ballot write-ins

>> Amanda Bradway: Multimedia artist constantly on the move: murals, paintings, jewelry and now light fixtures!

>> Bert Seabourn: Amazing; Native American and modernism

>> Erin Cooper: The public art on Western … still the best in the city.

>> Jack Fowler: I own a few of his pieces. He wins, my art collection increases in value, right? / Octopus rising!

>> Trent Lawson: VELVET PAINTINGS, YO!

Best weather team ballot write-ins

>> KFOR: Less hysterical than the rest.

Best local annual event or festival ballot write-ins

>> Christmas: I like to get presents and eat candy.

>> deadCenter Film Festival: In its 16th year, deadCenter Film Festival has grown to be a sophisticated film festival with better parties than Sundance!

>> Momentum OKC: Always a fun party; showcases the work of younger artists.

Best charity event ballot write-in

>> Planned Parenthood of Central OK’s Choices Gala: They do VERY important work in the community.

Best LGBT event ballot write-ins

>> Any night at Chae: Two-thirds of their waitstaff is LGBT and they have gender-neutral bathrooms.

>> OKC Pride: Largest festival and parade in the state, and definitely the most fun.

Best charity event ballot write-in

>> AIDS Walk of OKC: Donates thousands of dollars to different organizations that provide support and services to those living with HIV and AIDS in OKC.

Best concert venue ballot write-in

>> The Criterion: This place was a much-needed venue for our OKC downtown area. It is sincerely my new favorite music venue.

Best dance club ballot write-in

>> Kamp’s: Robotic Wednesdays is the best!!!!!!!

Best karaoke bar ballot write-in

>> Cookie’s: This place is the tiniest dive, but I ONLY go there for karaoke — they let you swear and their KJs are so professional!

Best park ballot write-in

>> Stars and Stripes Park: They cleaned that shit up!

Best place to buy local art ballot write-in

>> DNA Galleries: Almost all of the art in my house was either purchased at DNA or through an artist I was introduced to at DNA.

Best museum ballot write-in

>> Oklahoma City Museum of Art: Matisse exhibit!

Best fine jewelry ballot write-in

>> I don’t know: S*** too expensive.

Best place to dine before a show ballot write-in

>> Slaughter’s Hall: Love the celebrity sandwiches!

Best park ballot write-in

>> Stars and Stripes Park: They cleaned that shit up!

Best (national or regional) retail establishment you wish was locally owned ballot write-in

>> OnCue: They are already taking over intersections across the city, so why not?

Best place to pay it forward ballot write-in

>> Everywhere in OKC: Be kind and give back whenever and wherever you see a need!

Best pre-game or pre-concert spot ballot write-in

>> Yucatan Taco Stand Tequila Bar & Grill: HAVE YOU SEEN THE NACHOS?!

Best tea or coffeehouse ballot write-in

>> The Red Cup: Them hippies do it right.

Best local craft beer ballot write-in

>> Black Mesa Brewing Company: The most underrated craft brewery in Oklahoma. … Local artist Jason Pawley does all the labels and tap handles too!

Best cocktail (and the restaurant/bar that serves it) ballot write-in

>> Mint Julep at The R&J Lounge and Supper Club: Makes me want to holler, “Belvedere, bring me another mint julep!”

Best lunch spot ballot write-in

>> Cultivar Mexican Kitchen: Everything including the corn.

Best vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or healthy menu options ballot write-ins

>> IDK: A vegan and an atheist walk into a bar. I only know because they told everyone within 5 minutes of arriving.

>> Picasso Cafe: Chef Ryan Parrott is master of this domain.

Best dessert restaurant, shop or bakery ballot write-in

>> Cuppies and Joe: *Insert Homer Simpson drool*

Best Classen Curve district restaurant ballot write-in

>> Tucker’s Onion Burgers: I love how I smell like fried onion burgers when I come out of there.

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