December is when the cold really starts to set in, and the idea of facing a few months of the cold can be tough, but luckily we’ve got food to give you company. These seven restaurants have dishes that will fill you up and warm your soul.

By Jacob Threadgill with provided and Gazette / file photos

The Press
1610 N. Gatewood Ave. | 405-208-7739

There’s nothing quite like the warm embrace of a huge plate of mashed potatoes when you’re feeling cold and hungry. Not only are boiled potatoes the most satiating food, according to the satiety index, but they’re also really delicious. The Press offers its Mashed Potato Bowl that tops potatoes with corn, cheddar cheese, fried chicken strips and country gravy.

Neighborhood JA.M.
15124 Lleytons Court, Suite 103 | 405-242-4161

Trailing only potatoes, oatmeal is the food that sticks to your proverbial ribs the longest. Not only is oatmeal a morning snack that will keep you full, its high fiber content makes it heart-healthy. Neighborhood JA.M. takes mundane oatmeal up a notch with the Oats & Hay bowl by adding seasonal granola, fresh fruit and toast with milk and brown sugar on the side.

Sean Cummings’ Irish Restaurant
7628 N. May Ave. | 405-841-7326

If you’re craving a thick and luscious stew that is enhanced with a rich, brown stock, it’s hard to find one better than the one at Sean Cummings’ Irish Restaurant. Order the College Road Irish Stew that has both beef and lamb to provide plenty of protein while vegetables and potatoes make it a well-rounded meal in one bowl. If you’re looking for something similar, try the potato soup topped with bacon.

Yummy Noodles
1630 NW 23rd St. | 405-604-4880

An easy way to both warm up and fill up during this season is to drink a bunch of broth. Since opening this location after leaving Szechuan Bistro, Yummy Noodles’ owners have a hit with their streamlined menu of traditional Chinese noodle offerings bolstered by a wide array of broths that range from mild to the unique buzzing sensation created by the Sichuan peppercorn.

Jimmy’s Round-Up Cafe & Fried Pies
1301 SW 59th St. | 405-685-1177

For many Oklahomans, there’s nothing like a chicken-fried steak when you’re feeling down about the cold. Luckily, no matter what you order at Jimmy’s Round-Up Cafe will leave you full because the portions are as big as its complimentary yeast rolls. A large portion of its chicken-fried steak is the size of a manhole cover and worthy of a family with a hungry appetite.

VII Asian Bistro
2900 N. Classen Blvd., Suite G | 405-604-2939

While there are certainly many pho offerings in the city, no other restaurant offers a bowl as big as this Asian District staple. The $50 pho challenge includes a free meal if you’re able to finish all 60 ounces of broth and more than four pounds of meat and vegetables. Of course, you can also get one of its extra large bowls if you don’t want to attempt the challenge.

Chibugan Filipino Cuisine
4728 SE 29th St., Del City | 405-595-2426

This Del City eatery provides metro diners with the opportunity to take their taste buds on a journey. It offers a trio of soups: Sinigang Na Baboy, which is a slight sweet tamarind-based soup with pork, okra, eggplant, spinach and other vegetables; Tinolang Manok, a chicken-based soup seasoned with fish sauce; and Nilagang Pata, a pork-based soup with cabbage, bok choy and potatoes.

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