Nic’s Grill

1201 N. Penn


“Nic’s Grill on Penn Ave. and 10th St. They have the best hamburgers in OKC!” —Sara Neely Fielder Owner Justin “Nic” Nicholas has owned this tiny joint for 13 years, where he said he churns out good burgers and fries. Or is it something more that keeps people coming back?

“Just my wonderful personality,” Nicholas joked. “No, I think I make good burgers. Plenty of quantity for a fair price.”

Classen Grill

5124 N. Classen Blvd.


This breakfast and lunch spot didn’t get so much in the description department on Facebook and Twitter, but more of an exclamation.

“Classen Grill!” —@Gregory Aldridge “Classen Grill and their fresh squeezed OJ!!” —Aubrae Filipiak That orange juice — and the cool juicer — is a thing of beauty. And diners should be happy to see it back and in business. Server Tina Hendrix said it broke recently, and the employees were squeezing the much-loved OJ by hand.

Tacos San Pedro

2301 S.W. 44th


“For real Mexican taste... Tacos San Pedro on SW 44th, been there over 15 years! Their flautas & enchiladas are delicious!!!” —Ana Perla Marin Cheap, delicious and quick. What more can you ask for in a Mexican joint? With a ton of fresh ingredients and plentiful portions, Tacos San Pedro offers up authentic, South-ofthe-border flavors metro diners love.

Around the Corner

11 S. Broadway, Edmond


Breakfast all day? Yes, please. That’s what owner Charlotte Worsham said is a patron favorite.

“Around The Corner in Edmond, eggs over easy with pork chops.” —Scott Kinnaird “Around the Corner- I 2nd that. I love the patty melt and Indian Taco.” —April Kettler Francis Worsham has owned this diner — an Edmond staple for more than 50 years — for 27 years and said she makes almost everything from scratch.

Antojitos Guatemaltecos

1800 N.W. 16th


“The ‘special’ @ Guatemalan imports in the plaza! homeade tortillas, and roast beef, pork, or chicken too much food for 1, only $7” —@DNAGalleries “Antojitos Guatemaltecos in the Plaza District. Stewed chicken or chile rellenos.” —Karla Juarez The business has been in the Plaza District for more than 13 years, but Jeremy Cifuentes, son of owner Fausto Cifuentes, said the family added the restaurant three years ago. He said the caldo de res, or beef stew, is a popular choice, but get there early — it’s usually gone by 1 p.m.

Maggie’s Cafe

6315 N.W. 39th, Bethany


goes diner-style with its breakfast, lunch and desserts, but you can’t
skip the Polish items on the menu at this small eatery. Our pick — try
the pierogis.

And for dessert? That’d be owner Maggie Bujnowski’s homemade cakes. Yum!

“Maggies in Bethany.

Everything is wonderful and grandma style....take a friend and have a piece of is a huge slice of heaven” —Amber Voreis

Carican Flavors

2701 N. Martin Luther King Ave.


“Best Caribbean food in town. Order the Arnold Palmer for your drink and anything on their buffet is out of this world!” —Carolyn Durbin Go
ahead and call us “Caribbean amphibians” (“we like to hop in the
tropical sea”) when it comes to this spot. Owner Sharon McMillan has run
this small cafeteria for five years and said diners are trying a little
bit of everything, from oxtails to goat. She said it’s the quality of
the food that keeps her diners happy. “We do home style, so it’s just
healthy and affordable.”

Cajun King

5816 N.W. 63rd


“Catfish!” —@Vanessa Kyline You
know things are going your way when the free fried catfish and beignets
arrive at the table to snack on like a New Orleans version of chips and

Simeon Adda and Ken Mills have created an instant classic with Cajun
King, presenting a Cajun and Creole buffet that lets you create your own
little Mardi Gras.

Little Sala Thai

1428 W. Britton


“Tom Kha Kai soup and Generals Chicken, Pad Thai, and Sukiaki” —Sandina Heckert A
sister restaurant to Sala Thai, 1614 N.W. 23rd, Little Sala Thai took
an old fast-food joint and turned it into a quick spot for Thai cuisine.
Tony Dee, restaurant manager, said the spot is popular with office
workers and local students who want fresh, made-toorder food, and they
want it fast.

Favorite choices? Dee said that’d be the pad thai, fried rice and drunken noodles.

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