Signature Grill

1317 E. Danforth Road., Edmond


One wouldn’t expect a fine dining establishment like Signature Grill to be located in a strip mall, but they make it work on the inside, crafting a wholly upscale experience with a menu that matches. Let the cares of the outside world pass with the grilled 8-ounce beef tenderloin with smoked bleu cheese and a Cabernet Sauvignon wine reduction ($34). Sides of stuffed tomato with goat cheese and spinach or spinach with grilled oyster mushrooms only add to the unique atmosphere.

The Whispering Pines Inn

7820 E. State Highway 9, Norman 


Specializing in French continental cuisine, Whispering Pines is truly one of the metro area’s hidden gems. The Pines also hosts weddings and houses a bed-and-breakfast, which is handy because the romantic atmosphere and exquisite menu will definitely necessitate the use of both, especially after a world-class dinner of the Ragout of the Escargot appetizer ($13) and the seared duck breast served with crème de cassis (black currant) sauce ($25).

Haunted House Restaurant

7101 Miramar Blvd. 


Got an eerie feeling of hunger? Who you gonna call? Forget the Ghostbusters and instead make reservations at Haunted House Restaurant. Nothing makes dinner more enticing than when enjoying it with the ghosts of those who were reportedly violently murdered or simply died there. The perfect last meal? The rack of lamb, four chops perfectly grilled and served with rosemary garlic butter and mint jelly (market price). The wild rice makes a spooky side dish that even death would approve of.

Twelve Oaks Restaurant

6100 N. Midwest Blvd., Edmond


Situated on a piece of land that looks like something from the popular nighttime show Dallas, Twelve Oaks is widely regarded as Edmond’s go-to restaurant for special occasions. The picturesque turn-of-the century mansion features such classy appetizers as escargot ($11) and stuffed mushrooms ($10) that act as palate-pleasers until the main course arrives. Listed as the “king of steaks,” the 18-ounce rib-eye steak ($41) lives up to the title, especially when paired with wild rice and a baked potato.

Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse

Seven S. Mickey Mantle Drive 


It’s probably cliché to write that Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse hits it out of the park with its perfectly curated menu, but in this case, it’s true.

This popular Bricktown restaurant, in addition to a mighty selection of steaks at bat, features everything from Australian rack of lamb ($39.95) to panseared ahi tuna ($32.95), but the pinch hitter is definitely the applewood smoked bacon Berkshire pork chop ($39.95) with fresh asparagus and Susie’s famous mashed potatoes. It’s a real grand slam of flavor.

Ranch Steakhouse

3000 W. Britton Road


When it comes to steakhouses, of course Oklahoma has got you covered. Since 1999, Ranch Steakhouse has been dedicated to preserving the feel of a comfortable Southern home. Splurge like a real sophisticated dandy and go for the 16-ounce prime tenderloin filet ($76) topped with a decadent truffle butter ($5). Family-style sides like the jumbo baked potato, green beans with bacon or broccolini (all $10) will not only complement the meal but your high-society self-esteem as well.


333 W. Sheridan Ave.


High atop the Devon Energy tower, Vast has quickly become the local hot spot with truly amazing views of Oklahoma City and a hip ambiance that many places would kill to have. The menu is the real star, featuring a plethora of original concoctions. Move fast though; the menu changes often. Splurge for the grilled filet mignon with Boursin potatoes, asparagus, baby beets, foie gras and truffle butter ($44). It truly is a sight to see, and to taste.

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