Vintage Coffee

1101 NW 49th St. 


does a smooffee sound? If espresso and frozen yogurt are two things you
love, have them together in a smooffee. Add an additional flavor like
almond, coconut, white chocolate or raspberry. Grab some hot tea or a
snack — like a cinnamon knot or doughnut — to go.


333 W. Sheridan Ave. 


of things are exciting about Aravalli in Devon Tower. Aside from a
clean space to get yummy treats, a cup of Italian, fresh-brewed illy
brand coffee is proudly served. Recognized worldwide, illy specializes
in espresso.

Garden Cafe at Full Circle Bookstore

1900 Northwest Expressway 


inside Full Circle Bookstore in 50 Penn Place, this place is a
treasure. Try one of its sandwiches — peppered bacon and roasted
tomatoes or a three-cheese melt — or a garden or fruit salad. Don’t skip
dessert; choose from fresh-baked cookies, turtle cheesecake or Italian

Tao Cha

1600 Garth Brooks Blvd., Yukon 


places knows its tea. Try a number of flavored teas, like raspberry or
pineapple, or enjoy iced or hot milk tea, green apple milk tea, taro
milk tea or honeydew milk tea, to name a few. Try a lychee slush or hot
dragon well tea. A Tao specialty is its avocado with milk drink.

Credo House

109 NW 142nd St., Edmond 


and purpose combined to create Credo House. Get espresso, cappuccino
and other specialty drinks made from roasted beans by Double Shot Coffee
Company out of Tulsa. While there, take part in theological debates
concerning the reliability of the New Testament.

t, an urban teahouse

7518 N. May Ave. 


on more than 100 selections of high-quality loose teas while gazing upon
some excellent work from Oklahoma artists. This is what the owner
refers to as a “place for community.” The concrete tea bar features
recycled glass. Pastries are baked locally by Prairie Thunder Baking

Leaf + Bean

2901 NW 36th St.

drive-through coffee and tea shop aspires to be as sustainable as
possible. It’s community-driven and supports positive environments for
its staff. Get loose-leaf tea, a tea latte or a coffee drink on the go.
Pair a scone, pieces of cake or a cookie with your warm cup of goodness.

Photos by Shannon Cornman and Mark Hancock

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